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Thanks you so much for the feedback! Glad you liked the game. 

Yeah singleplayer mode would be cool,  I will do something to make that happen. The moving targets would be cool with moving obsatacles. I will consider adding arrow keys to move. Great to hear that you liked the movement. ^^

I'm sad that you don't have opportunity to play with friends, I think this game shines in 2v2.

Really liked the art style! Deshing feels great. The sounds add a lot. Great job!

Thanks you very much! ^^


Wow! It looks cool! You could make some cooldown, it is very easy to just shoot.

Nice job! It was fun! ^^ Liked the style much!

Clever level design! Really liked the feel of the game!

I have to thank for the host of the jam! ^^ It was so much fun!

Nice job in this short! ^^Liked the cute mushrooms!

the art style is just mindblowing! Very good job in this short time! The palette is fantastic! The game is too hard for me, but nice job!

Nice job in the level design! ^^ Cool idea!

Very cool short game! The characters were cute! ^^ Nice job!

Wow! I really liked the style! Nice job in this hort time! The controls feels great! Nice job! ^^

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! ^^

Thank you very much! I really happy that you noticed these things! Yeah, I know the controls did'n work too well, but I wanted to try it. What is better for an expirement than a game jam?

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Great idea! It was fun to play with! I would add some particles! ^^ Overall nice job! Liked the simplist style! The robots are cute! ^^


Your observations are great! I inspired a lot from Blackthornproud. I didn't want to make a hard game, just to enjoy people. Thanks for playing! 

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Thanks for playing! I noticed this bugg and I fixed in the post-jam update. The music is not mine, as you see in the description.

Very clever idea! It was fun to play with! If you improve the movement and the controls, that could be an amazing game! ^^

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Wow! This was very unconventional! Liked the sounds, and the art so much! I hope that no birdie was hurt during the jam time! ^^

Really enjoyed! It was fun! You could write Vivaldi's name as sound composer.! ^^

Penguin is very cute! Very nice job in the art! great choice of palette! It was very fun to play! Fav++

Great job! Very cool idea! ^^ I missed a level counter. The mechanic was rgeat, it was very fun to play with it! Nice job!

Clever idea, fun game! Loved the siplist art style! Some sound and particles could add to the feel, but great job! ^^

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This was so much fun! 

There could be an indicator when I'm on low hp.  It is intended to move the ghosts together?  

+Nice models, very cool sounds! Really liked the bat models! The projectiles looks great! Great job! 


Wow! This game was very fun! Really liked the idea! The shooting feels great! Simple short addictive game! Nice job!

Thanks a lot! ^^

Nice job! Really liked the idea! The art style is amazing!

The tutorial is very important! A bit buggy, but fun game! the idea is cool and the visuals too! Congrats! ^^

It was fun to play! Great palette! ^^

This game is too difficult for a game jam! Rather be easier! That precision what needed is annoying. Even on the first level. But the game is well polished, and feels good to play. I wanted to check out all the levels, but I lost my patience. In the game jam version it could be all levels available. But nice job, I liked the music too! ^^


Wow that was amazing! Really liked the style! (reminds me Plant vs Zombies) Nice job!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^

Liked the style very much!

That's cold! That's cold!

That was a very cute game! The sounds were great! Really liked the animations! It was actually fun! Congrats! ^^

Nice job! Really liked the music and the style!