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This game demo surprised me, in a good way.

When I saw that it had "fourth-wall breaking" story, I wrongfully assumed it was ultra-comedic, so I wasn't very interested. But, ultimately, the beauty of the screenshots convinced me to download.

The aforementioned fourth-wall breaking was the biggest surprise, it was done perfectly. It's one of the best examples of breaking the fourth wall I've ever seen.
The story, essential for a good RPG, is great. Initially, the intro feels a bit long, I would ask players to go through it anyway (DON'T skip the dialogue!). I personally can't wait to get the full story. The pixels certainly don't hurt it!

The Music is great as well, truly enhancing the storytelling, and bringing out the emotion in everything perfectly. Actually, when I finished the demo's temporary (to be continued) ending, I went and listened again to Aura's Theme and it brought tears to my eyes. It's actually kinda sad throughout, and it just got to me when I listened to that one. Same with replaying the beginning. It's that powerful.

Having said all that, there were a few issues. In terms of bugs; the game crashed sometimes I tried escaping from fights, one item I received had no information, the text wasn't always clear on who is saying it, and there were a few Translation issues. Also personally have a problem with the (admittedly small amount of) profanity here and there, and was uncomfortable with some implied suggestive stuff.

So, from one to ten, I'd give this demo an 8. I'm sure the full game will turn out to be a must-have RPG for any fan of the genre.

P.S: I really wish I could more easily take screenshots though, I don't know if that's possible to add through the RPGMaker engine or not. But if it is, please do!