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DEJA VU (WhiskerGameJam 2022)View game page

WhiskersGameJam 2022 project
Submitted by LegoNenen*C.N.Gentle (@LegoNenen) — 9 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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DEJA VU (WhiskerGameJam 2022)'s page


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How does your game fit the theme?
You're in a timeloop, so you can save your friends.
But some things can't be prevented, hence 'No Way Back".

Did you choose to incorporate the limitation into your game? (Yes/No)

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Short and to the point, enjoyed it quite a bit.

I really like the boss being an absolute push over but I did wish the power of friendship did play into it more :b


I love games made with RPGMaker! I thought the quick time events were fun, but was expecting the battle with Doctor V to be harder. Cute game!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I might have erred on making most of the game too easy, lol. (Especially the 'boss battle')

I was feeling quite rushed.


Shorter than I expected, but it's very charming.
It also had less endings than I expected, but it's fine, I already like the fact this is more of a story game, I don't see much of those on jams.

Althought I can't lie, I was expecting Doctor V to shit on me or something like that when I purposely died to him, was a little disapointed that it was just a simple game over x)

But no problem, the simple fact this option pops up so suddenly already made some air to get out of my nose so I'll take that, I love when a game gives me this kind of choice lol


Thank you very much! Glad I got a snort XD

Honestly wanted to have more endings, and more scenarios with your allies you need to save, available, but I was staying up late on a Saturday, and had to wake up earlyish the next day, so... :P

I'm curious how many endings you encountered, though I'd imagine you found them all.


I got the ending where everybody lives and the one where everybody liven't, I didn't found any other than those 2.

Now I assume there may be 2 other endings where only 1 of each friend dies but I didn't actually test it when I played.

(1 edit) (+1)

Love The Game Its Cool Really Recommend it


Really Cool. 


Short & Sweet.

I haven't encountered any bugs during my playthrough, the game was pretty easy to beat & took 2-3 minutes. The Effects & Graphics we're really nice but I did get slightly confused of what was a wall & what was floor at the center of Map 1.

I really liked the 'timeloop' at the end of the game where the credits keep going endlessly, that was unexpected.

I'd like to see more added to this later.

Developer (2 edits)


I really wish I had more time to polish things up, make things more interesting, etc.

Credits thing was a bug first :P (Glad I kept it in!)

I'm curious, how many timelines did you encounter before ultimately succeeding?

1? It was the ending with all your friends surviving except the Cat.


I really should have made it a bit more difficult to succeed then. *sweatdrop*

Developer (1 edit)

After sleeping on this, really wish for more time.

Missing credits!

Music by Enterbrain ; and H/MIX

Also special thanks to somebody [ CleanWater ] on the RM forums for title idea.