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hi! just tried the mac version on a recent/fast mac book and it's unplayable due to lag i think? as soon as I select a save file game goes to about 1FPS. circle transition takes forever to finish then game is just a slideshow. :/

a lovely little walk in the alleyways! thanks for sharing

how is this a gamejam game?! love everything about it. the silence in the beginning is a great touch.

stunning. thank you for yet another beautiful experience.

this is inside the desktop app, i don't get the lines on chrome/firefox.

i'm seeing diagonal lines that seem to be a rendering bug when opening game pages in the app. it seems to be on every page with a color bg, but it's more evident on dark bgs.

running windows 10, latest version.

at first i thought it was an issue with my own game page, but then i started seeing it on others too:

@carolgrrr: you're right, nothing's keeping me

here it is:

more progress (3 new paintings), i think it's almost ready for a first release

not sure why the video is so small, sorry. more screenshots:

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started working on a still life (incomplete)

each blossom is so beautiful that it took me about a hundred to realize they were procgen. when code is that close to handcraft!


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i'm working on a series of configurable paintings

each object exists only in relation to others and the environment; no object has a static color

early tech proto:

some screens from the first painting:

lovely palette / lighting / mood

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a short (5-10 minutes) experiment / experience 

“The game is ruined by the nihilist who denounces the rules as absurd and conventional, who refuses to play because the game is meaningless. His arguments are irrefutable. The game has no other but an intrinsic meaning. That is why its rules are imperative and absolute, beyond discussion. There is no reason for their being as they are, rather than otherwise. Whoever does not accept them as such must deem them manifest folly.” 

– Roger Caillois

Turns out using Keka to extract zips seems to corrupt some of them. Using Archive Utility works.

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For lots of games downloaded through (approximately half of the ones I've tried so far), I get a "The application (name) can't be opened." dialog when opening the .app file.

My security settings allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere" to be opened.

This happened so far on:

  • Mu Cartographer
  • Secret Habitat
  • Wood for the Trees

Any idea?