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Getting "Application can't be opened" on Mac OS X El Capitan for many games

A topic by lazlo created May 28, 2016 Views: 3,413 Replies: 2
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For lots of games downloaded through (approximately half of the ones I've tried so far), I get a "The application (name) can't be opened." dialog when opening the .app file.

My security settings allow apps downloaded from "Anywhere" to be opened.

This happened so far on:

  • Mu Cartographer
  • Secret Habitat
  • Wood for the Trees

Any idea?


Turns out using Keka to extract zips seems to corrupt some of them. Using Archive Utility works.


Also want to mention that installing & running games with the itch app solves most problems people get with manual downloads. And it keeps them up-to-date automatically too!

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