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HOLY FUCK this is incredible Frogge 
a master-class in advanced shitposting.

I can only hope that Third Stranger can match close to this level.
(thankfully though I won't even have to change anything to make it fit.)

Let me know when you get to that! I'd love to watch! (I'll probably be able to show up on mondays and thursdays, since those are my days off)

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Sure! Here they are in chronological order:

Sethstuck (has a sequence breaking bug in it, got too tired to upload the patch last night) Patch uploaded!

Just in Time

(Thoren's Twitter account, not a game, but does provide context)

21 Years (takes place in a dubiously canon space, but has canon events in it.)

Dead and Breakfast

An Owl in the Night

Between Time and Space

The Bond of Combat

All of these take place post-session, as the in-session content was mostly rping and arg puzzles, much of it thankfully archived.

The ability to walk on the sky was nonintentional, I had ran out of time to add collisions at that point. 

Later on in the next episode I will give June the formal ability to fly, much like Thoren has already (it's undocumented, but one of the keys I can't remember which is the flying mode button), so don't fret too much if the skies of bliss.jpg cannot be stood upon later.

Reason it was so short was because lack of time to work on it, mainly close deadline coupled with having an essential full-time job. It's probably for the best that I decided to make it episodic incomplete rather than try to smash a rushed product together. Eventually I will make more content for it (outside of the scope of the jam, of course). It'll take time, but that's what it takes for quality.

Thank you for playing my game and leaving a thoughtful comment, it is greatly appreciated.

If you want to know more about Thoren and their past, I have a ton of games and past content elsewhere that I can link to. I usually post my SBARGv2 games on One of them I plan on uploading a patch for tonight due to a streamer finding some bugs last week. In the meantime, the SBARG 1.5: Lost Pawns website has their old diary and I maintain an in-character Twitter account for them that you could look through, if you're interested.

Finally got a chance to play this. Had some insightful dialogue that was refreshingly soothing, considering the x2 dirk combob. the x0 dirk flash was kinda ???? but I guess that's what happens with filler :b

Hard to go wrong with snake. Nice, simple, and to the point. Nice graphics too!

Thank you!

Just finished playing this and I have to say, this was pretty fun! The puzzle mechanic of swapping between two different places was neat to work with. I kinda liked the scribble style you used, makes it a lot easier not having to focus too much on much detail aside from collisions. I'm glad I got basically unlimited hits because I SUCK at not getting hit by larger enemies. I really liked the timeloop-aided storytelling here! Only issue I had was yet another game only just barely larger than my screen, but that was it.

just finished playing this and I hardly knew what I was doing, but I chalk that up to not being one much for card games in general. It was pretty cool and had nice presentation, despite confusion. One thing I would change is make the vertical resolution a little shorter. I could barely fit the thing on my screen! Somehow after a while I managed to win.

For the short time you had to put it together, you really managed to assemble something impressive.

I played through this as far as I could get and... wow. This is a thick and involved mystery with a colorful cast of characters.  At first it was kinda tough getting used to the all-text format and trying to get to know everybody, but soon enough after taking enough notes things started to come together a bit. However, I never did figure out who did it. I still have no idea who took the ring and I got a game over from too many wrong answers and forgot to safety save anywhere in my first run. I think the only error I ran into was a minor html error on the "he was lying about the ring getting stolen" accusation.

I enjoyed this and I looks forward to someone more skilled than myself getting to the ending! ^^;

Played through this and got to the ending. was kinda difficult to figure out the pulley thingy lead to the roof

I can't believe Bro strider wears crocs is fucking dead

nice and fun, if a little janky.

heh, this one was p fun! lasted about 114 seconds before I got hit by a surprise meteor from above. It's oddly easier to turn when you flip turnways and use the up/down tilt. Tried trickster mode for a second and the sheer slowdown was hell for my pc so I dived to avoid crashing my computer.

Good job, you made a nice game!

Nice, an old-school game maker user!

Tried to play this one, couldn't figure out how to advance after running out of tempo. End seems to do nothing whatsoever. Attack works just fine, pose is p neat. Maybe next time you could like, make a quick title screen for the sake of presentation?

For what it's worth tho, the writing gave me a light chuckle.

tried to play this, but it only seems to have controller controls and I can't find the usb adapter for my controller @ _@ honestly kinda lucky that I found the one keyboard key that leads back to the menu.

...wait a minute... I have an idea!

I can use this jam to finally write "none pizza with left beef"! I've been thinking of writing my own epilogue version since reading the candy epilogue and this might just give me the push to make it work! That way I can satisfy any need for canon characters to be present and get to use one of my original characters!

Now to figure out what quick and dirty artstyle to use...

This jam looks like something right down my alley, combining two of my favorite things together and all. The 11 day time limit (considering I have an essential dayjob and all) might be a deal breaker though. 

Question I have regarding content. Is fan-session stuff valid? Like, as long as the story takes place within the general homestuck setting? Because I have a post-session time player from a fan-session (specifically the sbargv2 session) that I might be interested in making (yet another) game for, to be submitted to this jam.

Here's to hoping this event has some good entries!

Thank you for providing the error message. It should be a rather simple fix. Turns out that the Snapshots folder was deleted from the 2.0.1 release build.  

We shall make sure that the next update includes this folder.

Thank you for playing our game!

The calzone glitch we have found and fixed in an unreleased build. The quicksave crashing however is new.

Please replicate this issue and send us the error message.
When the quicksave glitch is fixed, we will release a new version with the bugfixes.

thank you!!

Me and my team made this game, can you hook us up with some of your spiciest fan art?

(Remember to install the included rtp and check the readme first)

It's a turn based rpg where everyone only gets one turn. It will probably kick your ass the first couple times but eventually it gets a good groove to it.

Check the readme, there's an included exe that installs the rtp when you run it.