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Lava flow games

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Thank you for the reply! (-: I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks greatly for the feedback! (-: Sacrificing increases score and your ghosts health points but I see what you mean. The difficulty problem is mainly there because I didn't get time to add enemies and the torch is so OP because I needed the hat to have magic but I wanted everything to be possessable. Thanks again for the feedback and the playtest! (-:

Good game! could you come rate mine?

thanks for the feedback. (-:

Thanks (-:

I beat the game! it was quite fun (-: could you please rate my game?

neat game! could you check and rate my game please?

Cool game! I like how at the end you escape the square. could you check out and rate my entry please?

I liked every part of it from the rotation concept to the pipes, enemies, key, and belts. I can equip all colors from the start which I think is unintentional. please check out my submission :D

Thank you so much for your opinion and feedback! :D Level 2 was supposed to introduce you to the intentional bullet mechanic. It was supposed to be how I imply the theme. I really appreciate ow you noticed the clouds in the background. thanks again for all the great feed back! (-:   :D

I easily got stuck but I still enjoyed. :D I like it and as feed back I think it could be cool to add full screen. could you tell me what you think of my game please?

cool game! (-: I liked the concept. could you check out my game?

Thank you for the feedback and for playing my game! (-:

YES! that felt soooo satisfying to finally complete. GG :D  

PS: I think you misspelled menu (-:

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I like the shadows but it is really frustrating that there are no checkpoints. I think adding those would make it way more fun. overall I do appreciate the simplistic design. Cool game!

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I only found the first secret but when I was there I could go up and travel off screen! I liked it

GG (-: . It would technically even fit last years theme

I like the idea! good job

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Thanks. I make the art in the editor

I finished the game! I like it but I'm bad at it. Is it supposed to crash whenever I die?


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Thank you very much. Please inform me if you want instructions how to get to the boss and beat the game. (-:

I like it! I like the inclusion of shovel knight. (-:

I like it! I like the inclusion of shovel knight. (-:

great game!!

I think that restarting on floor 1 is not the best death system though .

OMG! this game is amazing! I really like your dice combat syste


This game is very fun and addicting. I really like the 90's graphics. Great entry!

I like it and the idea but i can't beat it because I can't get onto the house with the piece of cloth.

I will probably try the particle idea in an after jam version. Thank you for your opinion

Thank you so much

Thank you very much!

maybe try hitting the "R" button to restart? I don't know because  it worked during my playtesting.

you have to click on the dotted zone