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I was paying attention, but saying things such as "it has no use for me" or that it will "take over the universe" or whatever else doesn't seem like a threat when the machine's only job is to produce power and say "scary" ai things. 

Ben James! I enjoyed your clicker game, it was funny occasionally and I liked adding stuff onto the station. I felt accomplished bringing the space station online. I don't get the ending of the story, however, because I never really saw a threat present itself and it makes me as a player feel as though I lost when I actually completed the objective.

I enjoyed playing, sometimes it was difficult to switch directions when tapping the button and i couldn't always make out the power-up icon, but it is a neat concept and the art looks awesome!

Awesome game ben! It felt really responsive, the sound and art was great, and it was very fun!

Crystal Caverns Feedback:

Mechanics: I really enjoyed the movement and jumping in this game. I have a habit of expecting my jump height to vary with how long the jump button is pressed, which through me off a bit while playing as I had to rethink how to time my jumps. Even so, the movement felt fast enough and allowed me to take my time through the more challenging platforming sections. The camera movement felt a little sensitive at times, moving even if the player only moved have a step.

Level Design: Overall, very good level design throughout the game. The different sections each had checkpoints which was very helpful, and each environmental hazard was shown and taught to the player one at a time. At level 2, there was a drop down after jumping over some spikes. I was moving left since I saw there was a wall to my right, but when moving left as you fall you end up dropping onto another set of spikes. This felt a bit unfair as I couldn't see what was below me. This only happened in level 2, and all subsequent drops were much safer.    

Art: I really liked the level of detail and color scheme of the tilesets. The character's colors were good as well and stood out appropriately from the background. I loved how it got slightly darker the deeper you went and brighter the higher you went.

Sound: The soundtrack was peaceful and the sound effects were all nice and played at an appropriate volume.

Teddy Tuxedo Feedback:
Mechanics: I really enjoyed the jumping on boxes and enemies, as well as swinging the weapon. It reminded me of Crash Bandicoot in the way that you traverse and interact with the boxes along a linear path. The movement speed was either a bit too fast at times or too sensitive to player input, and I occasionally had problems making a jump over an object blocking my path because I would collide with that object and it would interrupt my jump.

Level Design: The level design was good overall. You set up instances to teach the player that they can jump on boxes to destroy them in addition to swinging the weapon. The pits were spaced at the perfect distance so that if the player held down the jump button they would make it easily. One problem I had was in either the 2nd or 3rd level, there was a wheel right before the player had to jump a pit. I had a lot of trouble jumping that because I would overshoot jumping past the wheel and fall directly into the pit. For that, consider making a little more space for the cliff so that the player has enough room to land before jumping over the pit. Additionally, even though the player was able to jump on enemies to kill them, the levels never really teach the player that, so possibly consider adding that.
Art: Feels like a bizarre nightmare-ish world. The character is kind of spastic in their movement, but that adds to the charm of the art style. The shiny material makes everything seem almost metalic, even more natural elements like the trees, which further adds to the unsettling atmosphere.

Sound: The music and the coin pick-up sound is really nice. It felt like the coin was a bit too loud, so possible consider reducing the volume a little on that. The music cut out halfway through the levels for me, which is a shame because it was really catchy.

Glow Paint Feedback:

Mechanics: The Jumping and movement felt good. It seems like the player can wall jump, although I don't know if that was intentional or not as it wasn't listed in the controls anywhere as far as I could see. I found out you can wall jump when I fell into the pit that let me know that I could restart by pressing 'R'. I don't think you should intentionally put the player in a situation where they would need to restart the level, and considering I was able to wall jump out of that situation, you may want to consider letting the player know the restart button at the begining of the game rather than insinuating that they would need to restart to get out of that pit. I really enjoyed spreading paint around the levels, although I felt like the paint distribution when you walked was a bit too light. I would like to see more paint get splatter when I walk. Additionally, it would be nice to have the paint shot out based on the direction the player was jumping, rather than having it spread in all directions directly above the player as it was. This is because there were times where I would rush in one direction jumping and would hit a set of spikes before I could see them. Finally, I think the respawn time should be made to be instantaneous rather than having the split second delay it currently has. This game seems to encourage killing yourself to spread the paint quicker, but constantly dying and having to wait to respawn feels like it is wasting time that the player could be spending progressing in the game.

Level Design: The overall levels were nicely designed, although it took a while to actually paint the tiles to be able to see the level. There was one level where spikes lined the ceiling over the player spawn. This became a little frustrating to deal with since it meant me dying over and over again just to figure out where the safe way out was. I really enjoyed the 'gates' where you needed keys for were placed right at the spawn location. This made it easy to know where to go as a player, how many keys you needed, as well as that if you died collecing the last key, you were able to go straight to the 'gate'.

Art: It is really colorful and minimalistic. I really liked the cute art style. I would have like to see a little walk animation, and maybe an idle animation, on the character just to add a little more life into the character.

Sound: The paint splatter sound effect was nice, but a bit too quiet. The death sound effect was spot on. It would have been nice to have a little background music.

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Platform To Heaven Feedback:

Mechanics: The movement and jumping felt fast and was pretty easy to control and judge distance. The gun worked well, although it didn't seem like the enemies were very threatening. The enemies didn't feel like they added anything to the platforming experience aside from one enemy in the last level, so maybe try to think of better ways to integrate them with the platforming sections. I really liked jumping on the jumping/bouncy platforms, although it was a little glitchy when they were moving.

Level Design: The first level felt like more of a first person shooter rather than a platformer, however I liked how you used that level to teach the player where they can typically find the crystals. The last level had a tricky jump to make, as you had to ride a jumping/bouncy platform and then land in a doorway through an odd angle. I think that it may be better to give the player a better platform to land on, so that they don't risk missing a jump in a way that feels unfair. The rest of the levels were pretty straightforward platforming with slight differences in verticality.

Art: The art style gave off a very sci-fi Tron-like vibe. I really liked the lazer gun. I didn't like how the platforms textures looked when they were stacked because if you missed a platform and fell, it created an almost strobe light effect which was difficult to look at until you respawned. The jumping/bouncy platforms didn't have this problem, and looked nice.

Sound: I don't know if there was intending to be sound playing, but there was no sound.

Looks interesting, I'm curious to see it in a more finished state.