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Crystal Caverns Feedback:

Mechanics: I really enjoyed the movement and jumping in this game. I have a habit of expecting my jump height to vary with how long the jump button is pressed, which through me off a bit while playing as I had to rethink how to time my jumps. Even so, the movement felt fast enough and allowed me to take my time through the more challenging platforming sections. The camera movement felt a little sensitive at times, moving even if the player only moved have a step.

Level Design: Overall, very good level design throughout the game. The different sections each had checkpoints which was very helpful, and each environmental hazard was shown and taught to the player one at a time. At level 2, there was a drop down after jumping over some spikes. I was moving left since I saw there was a wall to my right, but when moving left as you fall you end up dropping onto another set of spikes. This felt a bit unfair as I couldn't see what was below me. This only happened in level 2, and all subsequent drops were much safer.    

Art: I really liked the level of detail and color scheme of the tilesets. The character's colors were good as well and stood out appropriately from the background. I loved how it got slightly darker the deeper you went and brighter the higher you went.

Sound: The soundtrack was peaceful and the sound effects were all nice and played at an appropriate volume.