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I want to thank you again for your comment (it really kickstarted getting in some prompting and a few other things to make the experience more enjoyable at this early stage). I also wanted to let you know that we updated the game (with an included walkthrough README) that implements more puzzles and is hopefully easier to follow/figure out what needs to be done.

Thanks! We're really proud of the atmosphere and I LOVED doing all the art (models and textures) for everything. As far as the puzzles go, you're looking for 4 tarot cards that are hidden throughout the house (two on the first floor, two on the second floor). They are small and kind of hard to see (which was my oversight and a last minute rush to get them in the game). To pick them up, you left click and then roll your mouse wheel to put it into your inventory (if you need to drop something from your inventory, right click with it being held). Once all 4 are in your inventory, the grate on the fireplace will fall over and the box in the upside down room will unlock, revealing a fifth card. Pick up the card and take it to fireplace and drop it (right click with it in hand). If this doesn't trigger the end event, then pick the card back up and that should do it.  For the lock's a wee bit broken. The correct way to do it has you finding a paper with the combination. The lazy/easy/my preferred cheat way, click on the lock, hold your left mouse button and roll it to rotate the lock piece until the door opens. As far as I know, the books and the key (and the summoning circle) never got implemented so they're just kind of there to make you (and me) wonder what their eventual purpose is.

I always say I'm going to introduce myself earlier and end up waiting until the last second <.< 

Hi! I'm Pat or LabRatTish (she/her). I'm an artist by trade (both 2D and 3D), but also have degrees in programming and English. I was really excited to find this Jam since it aligned with stuff my studio had been thinking about doing and let us give the guy who wants to learn how to code, the ability to be the lead on the code for our project--we're using Unity and our game is about avoiding space junk. Hopefully we'll be done in time!

You can find me on Deviantart, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr as Labrattish, or on artstation and sketchfab as pasipes

My personal portfolio is here

My studio's (CodeLitter) other game jam games (some of which are way more successful than others) are here

I got the first set of characters (main character and 3 enemies) modeled and rigged for my group's game yesterday,  today is weapon models, traps and tiles for background and platforms. I really like what we've dubbed Mama Eyeball:

Thanks for playing! We definitely need to add in an exit level button and add in explanations for powerups...we honestly weren't sure if they were going to get in but I think the plan is to add in hover tooltips. We have two other levels planned out: a brawler (think Punch Out) and an ice breaker penguin game and I'm hoping we actually finish the game (and adequately test it for camera and control issues).

That's one's had that problem and we've been using the webpage to show it off (and I just played through them to make sure I could on my end). There are only 3 active levels; the book, the targets, and the cave on the far right.

Glad you're enjoying it! Odd ended up being the name of the game and we had a lot of fun. We were a little scared about it running in the browser since it's loaded with normal and light mapping, but glad to see it hasn't bogged down for anyone. 

Directplay is part of DirectX API that was used for game development and is no longer explicitly included. I'm honestly not sure how to fix it or what its replacement is.

This is super charming! I had a lot of fun.

I really like word games and this definitely put a different spin on them for me. I was a bit sad that the words are predefined, rather than you being free to make a word around whatever is already there, but I had a lot of fun. Sometimes the collisions seemed a little sticky, but I'm sure with a few more games I wouldn't notice as much.

This was interesting! The narrative really makes you think and I like the choice of low poly assets. I think it could have served you better if you had either done a terrain, surrounded the edges of the park plane with trees, or added a fog effect so you didn't have such a stark drop off between the world and the skybox.

I had a lot of fun playing this with my sister, though the lack of in game instructions made it a bit hard to figure out player 2's controls (we went on the game page and saw that you could even jump). I think it would be nice if there was a line down the center, as the textures not meeting up is a bit distracting to my eyes. Did y'all make your models? They're really neat! We did run into a possible bug where we had a score somewhere over 1000 reset to 0.

This was a neat concept and I really appreciate the narrative and that you kept your game in scope for the time. It would be fun to add some footstep sounds and maybe a slight screen wobble when you hit the more elastic portions of the word lines.

This was really fun and really cute! The default audio levels were really loud for me, but I appreciated the ability to turn the music off while I lowered the volume.

Interesting concept, I enjoyed the choose your own adventure aspect and the setup was intriguing albeit, I wish I could progress faster. However, everything was slightly fuzzy, possibly due to a resolution issue, but it hurt my eyes to look at too long. You may also wish to change it so it no longer needs directplay, since that is highly deprecated. I also like the graphics, makes me rather nostalgic.

This is really cute! I feel like it'd be a great mobile game

Neat! Thanks so much

our Linux guy said the build we made worked on his without having to make a specific build-i'll make sure that's actually the case and if not get a Linux build up. 

But. THANK YOU. We knew it had to be something stupid simple. Either I or one of the guys will get to your fork after school/work and release a bug fix build. 

I can't thank you enough. 

Thanks! We had a lot of fun and I had an immense amount of fun doing the art side--we were initially afraid that we were going to see a ton of other vampire games, but I guess not. 

1. The weird white screen is a bug that we're still trying to pin down, but there's actually an end screen and a credit screen that is supposed to come after that for some reason is deciding not to show (we're trying to hack around the problem and get a new build up).

2. Audio is always our downfall. It got left to the last second and is definitely one of the things we need to work on being better about.

3. There's supposed to be a transition between levels, but they ran into the same problem as the ending and we pulled them out to avoid confusion:

This is really cute! It took a while for me to get the hang of using the arrows and w/s, though. I would much rather have it either wasd or arrows in general, but I also get that having the two hand control makes it more like an etch-a-sketch.  And the water is an ingenious eraser!