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Because Sometimes Anger Leads You On a Quest
Submitted by CodeLitter, iirlas (@tunaprofit), labrattish (@labrattish), CrestedShark, RagingSocksOfDoom, Lillium — 1 hour, 10 minutes before the deadline

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Relevance to theme: Winter#15.0005.000
Concept (1+1=3)#43.3333.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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it's a very nice entry congrat's! I like the story and the variety of levels. It will make a very cool game if you add all the other levels.

The visuals are really great. I also acknowledge that you added checkpoints (it' really a game changer). 

On the bad side the controls were sometimes awkward and the camera just fixed itself in the village. Some explanation of the different yeti capacities would be great and it would also be good to add a quit level option. The music although very nice and easy listening seems a bit out of place.

But all in all very solid entry!


Thanks for playing! We definitely need to add in an exit level button and add in explanations for powerups...we honestly weren't sure if they were going to get in but I think the plan is to add in hover tooltips. We have two other levels planned out: a brawler (think Punch Out) and an ice breaker penguin game and I'm hoping we actually finish the game (and adequately test it for camera and control issues).


don't worry it's normal to have such issues in the jam versions of the game. and I think you should definitely try finishing this game!

also one thing I thought of later is maybe to make a separate level of the village area, so that you can try it several times without needing to redo the others.


Nice game, but the levels wouldn't load for me, except for the first one. :)


That's one's had that problem and we've been using the webpage to show it off (and I just played through them to make sure I could on my end). There are only 3 active levels; the book, the targets, and the cave on the far right.


Ah then, I didn't see the cave, and the book and the targets worked for me. So it's fine ;)

Submitted (1 edit)

I love the way this looks and sounds.  And it runs smoothly in my browser.  Nice job. 

The models are interesting and fun to interact with.  Great jazz tune too.   For background music it seems a bit odd, but it works.

I'm still playing the first level and experimenting with the controls and snowballs.  Having fun hitting the snowballs that roll back towards me.  I also launched a barrage of snowballs over the cliff.  Ha.

Eventually I'll get around to playing through the other levels.  Fun game.


Glad you're enjoying it! Odd ended up being the name of the game and we had a lot of fun. We were a little scared about it running in the browser since it's loaded with normal and light mapping, but glad to see it hasn't bogged down for anyone.