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Gurpreet Singh Matharoo

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I'm no longer working on the game. Even if I did, online is very hard to add lol

no, its three easy

It's been added to the page now too.

Thank you!

Game link

Thanks Ember.

Are TV shows / series allowed, or is it strictly movies only?

Sorry no :(

Lacking for sure. Side effect of being made in only 2 days :) 


Thanks :) The in-game camera is rendering to a 220x165 render texture which is shown on screen, and there is also a posterize shader applied to it. 

It is possible, but that's not what this program is made for. I have limited time so I only really make updates to fix bugs or problems with the app. Hope you understand :) I guess you can use programs that are specifically made for skeletal animation (this app is not). Cheers


Sorry, this app cannot export images. It can only export data, as it is meant to be used in dynamic situations and not for making static images.

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oh no


Use Firefox or download the exe.

Everything is okay, we don't disqualify entries. If you want higher ratings, that depends on how faithful of a simulator you make, as there is a score criterion for "Simulation Mechanics".

Try a different browser or download the EXE.

I like those jump animations!

The .exe is out already, btw.

I'll see if I can fix that, but for now you can download the .exe.

CODING GOD give me ur blessing


I will upload an .exe.

Sorry, can't

what's the issue?

I did.

added AI

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Sorry i dont have time to work on this game any more

Edit: see I added AI

Those are some good suggestions! I'd love to add them to AttachPoint but cannot do so at this point, as I'm involved in some time-consuming projects, at least for the next month or two. I would be interested in adding these features one day though, so feel free to reach out again.


Thank you coding god, but I am doing fine :) I just don't have the time to give to this project.

Looking forward to more montages :)

Okay, if you could please try on a different browser, let me know how it goes.

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v1.1 Physics Update is out! Please read the release notes here:

A brief post about the upcoming updates:

I haven't updated it yet...

Thanks, I still have to figure out how to find time for this project so there's really nothing I can talk about right now :) I will keep that in mind though.

Hey, if you guys want an update to this game, let me know. I haven't worked on it in years, but if enough people demand it I may add a few things.

Please just downrate the game if you don't think it fits. Thanks.

Didn't find a rule that said it was compulsary to follow the theme.