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Gurpreet Singh Matharoo

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Could you elaborate on your third point?



Please let me know what features you would like in the app.


Hey there, I've fixed the bug and pushed an update. You can download the ZIP file again and it should work.

Let me know if you face any more issues!

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Hey schmoo, thanks for the report. I can confirm that I get the same bug on my side.

I'll fix it as soon as I can, and let you know.

Haha yes. You just sort of disappeared immediately after you gave me that gun game assignment, for which I worked 6 hours. Guess you probably don't want it now LOL but yeah what the heck happened there?

Hey Martin, how are you doing?

too bad

Thanks for the feedback.


Hope you had fun! Best wishes.

At 5:05


Sorry no, it only works on Windows.


Great, if I need music I'll let you know :) Thanks

GameMaker Studio 2. :)

Right haha. Thanks!

Thanks :)


Hey, you can submit your game past the deadline but you can't work on it. Just upload the game to itch normally and send me the link on Discord.

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The game has to be created from scratch. You can use stuff like free extensions, libraries, code snippets and such, but you can't use an existing game base like your card prototype.

Have fun!

Thanks! I think the word you're looking for is "nitpicking". :)

Slow? You mean performance-wise, or gameplay-wise?

Thanks, it was my first music track ever so I didn't get the volume right. 

That's really basic. But yeah, thanks for pointing out.




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Final update...


Unfortunately, I have to scrap this project. I already have too much work to focus on, this game is just holding me back and I'm not even able to give it enough time.

The project is available on GitHub, if anyone wants to continue working on it, please feel free to do so.

The ending was so touching

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Oh, I haven't updated in a while.

I was busy with something else on Sunday so I didn't get a chance to work on this game. Will continue today.

So, update:

I am working on implementing the enemies. Each enemy will have its own level, attack and defense stats. They will have their own loadout of weapons that match their level.

Later I will also add enemy "forts" that you can clear, which would give you XP.

If you've played AC Origins then you'll immediately recognize these mechanics from there. That game has been a huge inspiration!

And... having to draw the enemy sprites (for each state and each of the 4 directions) is gonna take a lot of time, haha.

Haha, nice. I think the limit for my weapons would be 8x8.

Oh thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to make it as compact as possible. I made the bottom panels big because there will be many different kinds of swords so I just made it big enough to fit the swords I would make in the future. :)


> (I also want to say, your profile pic is pretty much my games character XD)


Added the HUD!

Thought the HUD was taking a lot of space, since 64*64 is already too small, so made it hide like this.

I'd appreciate suggestions from you guys!

Created the player's sprites and more
Added a dynamic sword system
Implemented a depth ordering system

The sword is not a part of the player's animations. It's dynamically attached to the player, so it's a separate object.

This will allow me to easily add new swords, which I didn't originally plan to do. So, good!

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New areas being generated

Uses rectange_in_rectangle() to check whether the camera view (plus margin) is touching the current area's edge. If it is, it again uses that function to check which outside area it is touching. That area is then generated using DS grids.

Very cool! Interested in seeing where it goes.

Working on procedural generation

Green blocks are trees, yellow ones are houses and red ones are enemy camps.

No specific algorithm used. Just filling grids randomly based on certain rules that I am still working on.

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•- Procedurally Generated Open World Adventure Game -•


Engine Used: GameMaker Studio 2
Repository (GitHub):

~Procedural Generation: How does my system work?

At a time, a certain square area is generated. Its size is in the AREA constant, currently at 512.
The constant DIVISION is the size of the distinct parts of an area (of the size AREA). A division currently is 256 (so each area has two divisions). Each division is of a certain type; it can be a village, a forest, a hostile area, and so on.

The constant SIZE (12) is the size of each individual block that holds something (grass, tree, house, etc.). You can also call it a cell or a tile.

So when the grid for the current area is creating, the divisions are generated, and looping through the divisions, tiles are placed. Different tiles have different chances of being placed inside different divisions.


Music/SFX: Micah_DS
Everything else: Matharoo