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Gurpreet Singh Matharoo

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Please just downrate the game if you don't think it fits. Thanks.

Didn't find a rule that said it was compulsary to follow the theme.

Nice editing lol

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Thanks for the awesome sprites! :) I've used them for my AttachPoint tool:

Hey guys!

AttachPoint 1.4 is out. Check out all changes in the announcement:

Discuss the update here, and to report any issues either comment here or create a new thread.

Let me know what you think!

Hi, I've just published an update, with your feature suggestion included. :)

My schedule has been very tight, but I have it on my list and I'm looking forward to adding some new features to it, including the one you recommended. :) 


Importing the 1.4 project into GMS2 seems like the best option. :) 


i agree


Oh, alright! I'll add that in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!

2-Year Jam community · Created a new topic New 1-year jam

The 2 year jam has ended. It's time to start another jam, but for 1-year.

Here's a link:


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Hi Shaddovv, 

I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the origin of the attachpoints, or the origin of the preview image?

And what do you mean by "not redirect[ing] every image to the proper coordinates again"?

Let me know what your problem is, and how this feature suggestion will solve your problem, so that I can more easily understand your request.


Thanks :)

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Great! :) Hit me up on Twitter so I can send you the licence you want.

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Hello! Congrats on getting #3 in the results! :)

Please reach out to @itsmatharoo on Twitter for your GMS2 key, and please let me know which platform you want. You can see all versions on this page:


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Top 5 Entries:

⭐1️⃣ Transient
-- by SixthMoon

⭐2️⃣ Craft Jam
-- by BOON, WigglyGull, SoftCircuitry, failpositive, soves

⭐3️⃣ Moover
-- by TaliOS, fela, Jivechameleon

4️⃣ Spacetime Cookout Massacre: The Meal You Won't Forget
-- by jonasmg, Deus Hephaestus

5️⃣ Gastrocove
-- by morphinegames

Top 3 [Jam Theme] Entries:

1️⃣ Derelict Crossing
-- by Fniss

2️⃣ Space Boy
-- by GreenBoxGames

3️⃣ Spacetime Cookout Massacre: The Meal You Won't Forget
-- by jonasmg, Deus Hephaestus

🏅 Congratulations to the top entries! Well done!

🎉 Congratulations to those who won the prizes! We will be reaching out to you soon.

🌠 And finally, congratulations to everyone who submitted an entry! Hope you had fun, and learned something new!

now forget


That's probably caused by a corrupt asset cache. So clear your cache and see if that works.

Hey, using the general "Crafting" theme and one of the two themes (Alien and Expire) is required. So, you need to make a game about crafting (or anything similar) that also involves Alien, Expire, or both.

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Yes, that should work for the theme. We don't disqualify entries, it's all about how well people like your idea and how much they rate the game.

Open the link on the jam page and log in to your YoYo account :)

No reference. Just a word for you to use to create a game :) Interpret it in any way you want...

The links will be on the jam page and in the Discord.


Thanks for the suggestion! I've added your feature into the app with version 1.3.7.

The update is here:

Let me know if you encounter any problems.


There are no rules about how your crafting system should work, or whether it should be a "crafting" system at all. Basically any gameplay mechanic that allows you to mix two or more items into one will quality for JamCraft.


Thanks so much for reaching out! Mini Micro looks great! Sadly, it's too late for us to add any new prizes now, and I feel like we have a lot of prizes already. So we won't be able to take you up on your offer, sadly. Sorry!


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I'm sure you can find tutorials on YouTube or Udemy! :)

Yes, you can only start making the game once the jam starts and the themes are revealed.

Any time before the jam is over, you can submit a game from the jam page.

You'll get a link from where you can add a temporary licence to your account. That licence will be gone once the jam ends.

Any engine can be used. :)

Awesome that you got it to work! 👍

Hey Will,

Could you email me your project, to It would be quicker if I could fix the code in the project itself and then explain what I did.


Hi, here is the source:

Good idea! Will do.


I've updated AttachPoint to v1.3.5. Please check it out!

Thanks for the suggestion! I will update the app with that feature, but cannot say when.