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Welcome to the Hotel Wallachia; an all you can eat blood buffet.
Submitted by labrattish (@labrattish), CrestedShark (@CrestedShark), iirlas (@tunaprofit), CodeLitter (@CodeLitter) — 3 seconds before the deadline
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Source code

Tools used
Coding Tools:
SGE engine

Sound Tools:
++++Uploaded: 01.13.11 | License: Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mr Smith | File Size: 349 KB |
Aquired Saturday Oct 7, 2017
"Anxiety" Kevin MacLeod (
++++Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Art Tools:
Art was generally made/modified in Illustrator with textures and additional support from:

Library of Congress:



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Jam Judge

Very nice story! Some of the graphics were really cool. I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Neat! Thanks so much


Nice atmosphere and especially good looking graphics. The gameplay could've been a bit deeper (varied patrol patterns for the cats etc.), but for a jam game it was pretty solid.

The download link advertises itself as having a version for Windows and Linux, but all I saw was an exe. Cloned the repository though and only needed to install the python-pygame package (which on Arch Linux is the Python 3 version of the package) to get the game to run (python

Jam Host

Also you win the prize for the most well documented list of tools and assets used.  Great open source support!

Jam Host

Wow I love love love this game!  It's dripping with mood and humor and the art is amazing!

Things I liked:

  • The art.  Oh man I LOVED all your hand drawn assets totally made the mood for the game.  And they are really good!
  • I loved the instruction screen such dark humor and such a creative take on the theme
  • The vampire is so funny how the vampire hides behind a lamp shade and the cats don't notice him

Things that could be improved:

  • The title and instruction screen should have some music.  I expected music on these screens especially the instruction screen to complement that beautify designed card.  
  • It's a bit anti-climactic when you finally reach your dinner and you go strait to the next level.  I would love some kind of animation or sound signalling victory of the level.  Like maybe the sound fx of a straw slurping.  Then fade into the next level.
  • After I finish the second level I just get a white screen,  is that because you ran out of time?

Overall the art, mood, humor, and use of theme in this game is fantastic!  Well done!


Thanks! We had a lot of fun and I had an immense amount of fun doing the art side--we were initially afraid that we were going to see a ton of other vampire games, but I guess not. 

1. The weird white screen is a bug that we're still trying to pin down, but there's actually an end screen and a credit screen that is supposed to come after that for some reason is deciding not to show (we're trying to hack around the problem and get a new build up).

2. Audio is always our downfall. It got left to the last second and is definitely one of the things we need to work on being better about.

3. There's supposed to be a transition between levels, but they ran into the same problem as the ending and we pulled them out to avoid confusion:

Jam Host

Ah yes those additions would round out the game perfectly!  Can't wait to see a post-jam build with these added!


Since I couldn't find a Linux version in the actual download link, I cloned your repository. After playing trough the game I decided to try and fix the whitescreen issue you were having, and I actually did it.

Made my first ever fork and submitted my first ever pull request on Git, go check it out :).


our Linux guy said the build we made worked on his without having to make a specific build-i'll make sure that's actually the case and if not get a Linux build up. 

But. THANK YOU. We knew it had to be something stupid simple. Either I or one of the guys will get to your fork after school/work and release a bug fix build. 

I can't thank you enough.