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Was the invitation a trap, or the trap the invitation?
Submitted by CodeLitter (@CodeLitter), RagingSocksOfDoom, iirlas (@tunaprofit), CrestedShark (@CrestedShark), labrattish (@labrattish) — 17 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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Juan Carlos Gonzalez - Lead Designer
Issac Irlas - Lead Programmer
Nathan Contreras - Programmer
Patricia Sipes - Artist

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I have no idea on how to solve any puzzles in this game, but the game has an interesting and scary atmosphere. 


Thanks! We're really proud of the atmosphere and I LOVED doing all the art (models and textures) for everything. As far as the puzzles go, you're looking for 4 tarot cards that are hidden throughout the house (two on the first floor, two on the second floor). They are small and kind of hard to see (which was my oversight and a last minute rush to get them in the game). To pick them up, you left click and then roll your mouse wheel to put it into your inventory (if you need to drop something from your inventory, right click with it being held). Once all 4 are in your inventory, the grate on the fireplace will fall over and the box in the upside down room will unlock, revealing a fifth card. Pick up the card and take it to fireplace and drop it (right click with it in hand). If this doesn't trigger the end event, then pick the card back up and that should do it.  For the lock's a wee bit broken. The correct way to do it has you finding a paper with the combination. The lazy/easy/my preferred cheat way, click on the lock, hold your left mouse button and roll it to rotate the lock piece until the door opens. As far as I know, the books and the key (and the summoning circle) never got implemented so they're just kind of there to make you (and me) wonder what their eventual purpose is.


Thank you for the walkthrough, it helped me to get to the end of the game. I would have never have guessed the puzzle solutions all by my self.


I want to thank you again for your comment (it really kickstarted getting in some prompting and a few other things to make the experience more enjoyable at this early stage). I also wanted to let you know that we updated the game (with an included walkthrough README) that implements more puzzles and is hopefully easier to follow/figure out what needs to be done.