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Wow this is like the perfect puzzle game. I would ramble forever but basically, all the different mechanics interacting together is really what makes it so good for me (along with the primate human instinct to make a room perfect). I personally liked the handsoff approach, learning all the rules was very fun (though maybe simple "tutorial" levels would help?). Overall amazing game & aesthetics 👍

Very fun little game! It was great applying the logic and now I wanna try the original board game lol

Ayy thank you!

I really like the art style, and the controls are surprisingly intuitive for how complicated the game is lol. Everything about this is very nice (and hard). Great game!

Thank you!

I like how it has more of a QWOP theme of "Foddian" then Getting Over It, it's pretty unique. I liked the controls & it was pretty addictive going through the punishing levels. My favorite part is being able to memorize routes and go between checkpoints really quickly once you've done them a ton of times. Really good!

Very good! The aesthetics are nice and the area is fun to traverse. Plus the physics of the game make failure always a possibility, so you're always on your toes. Maybe it could be a bit faster paced by just pointing where you want to go? Overall very enjoyable and intune mechanics

Fun! Pretty much just the same as everyone else said. The ice theme is really nice and it is fun flinging upwards to the top

Awesome! I liked the capybara and the hotsprings story was a very good motivator lol

Very fun! And very simple too. The graphic style is nice and I love all the little homages in them. I imagine it would be very fun for speedrunners to speedrun this

Fun! I'm not too good at skate games but I had fun while trying lol. The graphics are nice and the sound design is enjoyable. I liked the level design & building up speed. Awesome!

Awesome! Took a bit to understand the controls but I got going once I understood. I like the nice palette too :)

Oh yeah I should probably make that clearer :P Thank you!

Just fixed the framerate issue! (I think)

Okay I think I fixed the framerate issue (at least for my computer). Feel free to tell me if it's still not working lol

Thank you! And yeah it jitters a lot, I'm not sure what causes it but I'll try to fix it. Thanks again!

Thank you! And yeah the framerate issue is pretty bad. I'll try to fix that once voting's over!

Ay thanks :)

Completely phenomenal! I love how the grappling hook always drags you upward no matter what so you can send yourself flying. The graffiti is funny & it was nice to find a game that wasn't too hard for me to beat lol. The sound design & pretty background were very calming and made falling to the bottom actually enjoyable. The only issue is how long it takes to reload the grappling hook, not a problem for me cuz I'm slow, but it might make speedrunner's speedruns more boring. Maybe it could reload as soon as you land on a floor? But overall absolutely amazing

Thank you!

Fun! I like how you can build up momentum to go really fast because that's really fun lol. It's a little hard to see where you're going sometimes so maybe the camera could move infront of where the car is going? But overall really fun to barrel down the highway!

Fun! Very simple but done well. The wall jump lets you skip most of the game though so maybe you could remove the walls in the levels that don't need it? Idk. Very good!

Really good! And I don't want to know how much code was required to make the space bar work lol. It was hard at first but eventually I realized I could just drag in the direction I wanted and it would go that way & it got really fun. Fun use of spatial reasoning, and very intuitive controls. Also I like how your momentum doesn't reset when you hit a wall so you can do cool tricks like wrapping around a corner :)

Thank you for playing it! And yeah you're right, it does make the momentum partly useless. But why I did it is cuz if I put the spawn point next to a drop, then when I teleported there, I would often fall off & it'd take me a lot of quick resets to actually stay on :P . Plus you can't win in practice mode so eventually the player would have to use the momentum to win. But yeah I see your point. Thank you!

Thank you for playing! 

Thank you for playing! also haha n-ice :) 

Pretty hard but fun! I kinda wish you could move/rotate while on a rope cuz that would be more fun. Still, I really liked the jumping parts and it was fun!

Very fun! I really like the sound design and the level design is fun too. Great game!

Fun! I really like the slow mode because it lets you plan out. It would be fun to see someone speedrun this because they'd have to switch between fast and slow a lot lol

Really fun, expansive map, super immersive, awesome controls, pretty graphics, everything about this is amazing! I'm a little bad at using the rope but the controls are nice and it's really fun using all your different moves. Amazing job!

Thank you! I think I'll add an easier mode

Thank you for playing! There is a practice mode to make it easier, but I didn't make that very clear lol. I'll do that once rating is over

Thank you! I'll add a mouse click jump once the rating is over

Thank you! I think I'll update it to zoom out the camera once the rating is finished

Ayy! It's surprisingly fun bumping up the little platforms. Plus I like all the different art for it lol. Great job!

Sorry I didn't mean to seem rude, that's totally fine, don't feel like you have to rush. Feel free to take your time. Also just FYI but you can't upload new projects to the game jam submissions right now because they locked it for voting :P I had the issue too

Very fun to speedrun! It's a little inspired but it's creative and it's very pretty

Very good and very funny lol

Not too Foddian but very fun and extremely speedrunnable. It was just pure flow state