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Thank you so much for makin' a play through of my game! Much appreciated

Awesome game, was very interesting, well coded, and the art was phenomenal.

Silly me made a mistake and didn't post the document to each of their stories. This concept has a lot more plot and story to it than just a bit of fancy demo game play.

This game is more of a concept rather actual game play, I appreciate you checking this one out as well.

Here's the instructions when you arrive at a gray screen

"Pressing 1 (Callisto) or 2 (Janus) Choose character at beginning and R to restart game."

So the second you see the gray screen, tap on 1 or 2 and you'll bring forth the character and just play test them for a bit. Pressing R will help you soft reset the game so you can try the other character. Unfortunately I only got around doing 2 character's move sets and not finish the game entirely.

I believe that's the purpose of the Game Jam? To post your unfinished content? Thanks for checking it out though! It was suppose to be a full scale project with voice acting and decent Maplestory mechanics however it was a little too much.

When the blue beats hit the black square, you press space bar to fight the enemy.

It's perfectly fine. I'm honored that you made a translation of my very own game. I had not recognized that my game has been constantly recognized. I appreciate your confrontation for now I can see more enjoyment of my game.

Thanks. Take care.

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Elementia - A Love Story

About The Game

Type of Game - Story-Based Visual Novel (Romance Otome)

Genre - Boy-Love, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

Game Engine - Ren'Py


Elementia - A Love Story is a Visual Novel that offers the player a chance to romance a selection of three characters in a fantasy world. The protagonist, a human boy, meets others of different races. A fairy, an elf, and a hybrid (humanoid body with animal facial feature). Take a dip into the fantasy world on the large continent, Elementia.

Meet, Explore, Love.



Kymarai - Co-Writer: Concept and Ideas - Developer: Scripting

enbytoon - Artist: Talk Sprites

PunkFairyAlex - Composer: Music / Sound Effects

poke - Artist: Scene

CJK - Artist: Background

samichii - Co-Writer: Dialogue

Screenshot and Progression

Coming Soon!

@gino, I apologize for your confusion. There are 6 things that will affect Tim for the day. Speaking to certain characters will give you hints on what to do next. Clicking around at things that haven't been clickable before helps too. Realize that this game is mostly surrounded by one character. This is as much as I can tell you.

Alright, figure a way to contact me, leave me your email/Gmail and I'll message you. Once I do, I'll delete this whole thread.

So... would you like full custody of this project? Because I can only fill you in on what I had planned for this project. 

What exactly is there to gain for me in the end. I know I sound selfish but what can I do. It almost looks like a chore that I must supervise the porting and perhaps further development of the game. If you're still trying to convince me you better have the slickest excuse beyond being a student trying to port things over...

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Gah, actually...I'll have to apologize and admit... The will to continue this project is beyond me. Please forgive me but, I've now made my decision to not move forward with this decision. 

Please contact me through Discord: Kymarai#1772 .

Do you perhaps have plans with my game? I don't have the MV version of RPG Maker. I know what it can do. Let me know why you wish to port this game over.


Hey guys, check out Tim's Birthday, an Extra Look here. Please note that this contains spoilers!

Whoa whoa whoa, I finally watched your video... Turns out you completed the game, it's just... It seems you weren't able to progress. Could it be you used a different version other than Windows? I'll look in the code to see if perhaps the order you've completed them in were off.. I'm super impressed you completed the game so fast, a shame you didn't get to see the ending. I really would've liked to watched your reaction on it (You struggled those last ten minutes... rip [so sorry]), anyways... Try resetting the game and starting from the bottom up (hint hint) after skipping everything, hopefully that'll work for you.

Hey sorry about that, but I'm amazed you made a video of it!

Please note you should try ending the day immediately after resetting. It may work!

As said before, or in other comments.. 5 different types of deaths. It's possible to save him. Just have to witness it all and the game will progress. Try ending the day after resetting. You might have seen it all expect the one you've already seen (horrible mistake, not a bug).

Unfortunately due to my horrible coding skills. It is known that some players have to just end the day after resetting, that.. or do all 6 actions, to get the most common ending, one found in the story, you should be able to continue to the end story.

It seems I appeared somewhere I shouldn't have...

Oh, yeah... The game is done!

Make sure you guys leave comments to let me know how you felt about the game!

Thank you everyone for tuning into my Devlog!

We almost done. We got a couple more things to do and it'll be out before the deadline. Hope you guys enjoy the game.

That face when I don't even know what day I'm on... (I can't tell day "9" is day "8" or... ahh!)

Anyways, no more daily devlogs.

Ah don't give me too much credit. I found a well done Point and Click game made with Ren'Py and used it's aspects. Though of course, learning the un-commented set of code was something else.

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This is the rest of my DevLog for the next few days.

[More Screenshots]

This is only

[Day 7]

All the pieces coming together are lookin' real good. I'm impressed with this so far. I've done some of the "screens" (from the first screenshot of this comment). Like most of the rooms but no item functions yet.

[Day 9]

Well, I told myself to do all the rooms and every interaction. I did it. Feels good to finally finish something up. Tomorrow, finishing the complete gameplay and Day 11, finish game (code wise).

No no, dear, you have not been annoying. I love feedback, thank you for your time.

Here we go, I tried the squinting thing and I can totally relate. This time, I've left everything bolded. I've completely fixed the contrasting between the background and the forground colors on the buttons. The game will be played in full screen so there will most definitely be no problems. I apologize for the inconvenience, I'd be an honor to have you and your sister play my game. But be warned, there contains graphic scenes and may not be suitable for the younger audience (that is assuming you or your sister are of young age, or to anyone of such age). I hope this is the best I can offer. Thank you for your patience.

I've updated the screenshots to match the current style. Thanks for noticing, I too thought that. If there's still something off, feel free to let me know.

Believe me I'm feelin' the tone of the game too. I'm my own game's biggest fan.

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Tim's Birthday

About The Game

Type of Game - Story-Based Visual Novel (Point and Click Adventure)
Genre - Drama, Psychological, Mystery, and maybe one last one... Depending if you consider it :)
Game Engine - Ren'Py

Description -

Tim's Birthday is a Visual Novel that uncovers the story of Anne, the protagonist and the older sister of Tim, who wakes up on the day of her brothers birthday hung over and has to slouch her way around the house and convince her little brother she wasn't doing "The Thing". As a player, you follow Anne through her attempts to make sure Tim has a great day but in the end it J USUsUSUUsS..>S..>>TTTTTTTTTTT


Whoops. Ignore that. I hope you enjoy!


Kymarai - Writer: Concept and Ideas - Developer: Scripter
ellieinthesky - Artist: Talk Sprites and Scenes
Lord Dragon - Artist: Background and Objects
Deoduckla - Composer: Music


I wanted A cover photo... So I decided to use the concept art.

I love this font god damn...

Scenic backgrounds are amazing.

Kymarai's Devlog Section

[Day -1]

Prior to the game jam, I've been organizing my team and providing details and information to assure their interest and capabilities. So far, everythings going just great.

I've jotted down tons of information (that may have been rather repetitive) such as gameplay, overview, characters, and more. Now It's only time to write the script and the puzzles.

[Day 1]

I've started writing a brief storyline, apparently theres going to be "Days" in our game so I guess you can say I wrote day 1.

[Day 2]

I'm over all done most of the story aspect. Time to write about the game play and hopefully day three will be all about scripting. Oh man this'll be so fun... I'm so excited!

[Day 3]

Scripting is annoying, especially when you're trying to adopt someone elses code for the "Point and Click" aspect of the game. So far I've conquered it and included a whole bunch of blocky comments. #Programmerlife. Anyways, I wrote done a bunch of unedited lines down to just when the gameplay starts. This is going a bit faster than expected.

[Day 4]

Not the best day... Unfortunately ran into some tech difficulties switching over to a newer computer and still having troubles with that. Pretty unlucky to be honest.

It's the end of the day, I totally didn't do anything on the project, but GOOD NEWS... My CPU is up and running and everythings better than ever! (This may cause me to work less on the project, whoops..), totally fear not though, the project is pretty high in priority.

[Day 5]

Getting picky about the details, I'm really trying to get this game to have a neat appeal to it. I certainly do hope players will accept the odd story telling and horrible dialogue. Needless to say it's making progress though.

[Day 6]

More of game's own "swag". Slower production... I did some gameplay, kind of.

Time to move the rest of my Devlog in a comment below... Main post is getting glitchy!

I am a Programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Hello! I'm "Will" from Canada (EST timezone). I am an impractical game developer whose always fails to complete a project without a drive to complete it... So far, the first My First Game Jam actually allowed me to complete a game... So I know I can do it again!

2. Skills:


efficient and organized,

concept development - ideas and brainstorming,

Actual Computer Scientist... so I have tons of other computery skills.

3. Programs/Languages:

GameMaker: Studio,



I can try anything else.

4. Portfolio: My own has most of my stuff but there's a bit of stuff.

Please note my most complete game is the last one.

5. Contact: Discorddddd ( Kymarai#1772 )

Ah, thank you. I managed to figure this out on my own a lot earlier actually.

Funny you played most of my games the first stream, and actually stopped at one of my games and yet I missed it. Well hopefully I remember to check it next time.

Thank you so very much for your effort! I understand where you guys are coming from, but... I assumed the BOYD idea was to show and tell your game you know? I have a collection that I have yet to play, and I'd apologize to those whose games aren't in it. Unfortunately I decided to choose the games that were most appealing to me.

I'll try to catch as much as I can after the jam is over.

As I noticed, not from my own games, but from my own actions... I believe most of us just went ahead and posted our games and said "Yay I did it, my games is now seen by many." but then you realize you don't have much views or downloads on any of the games you posted? We only took the time to post the games, and not appreciate others. This was my case... I never really went out of my way to actually play any of your games (except like 2) so it would be terribly hypocrytical to say "Play my games please?" and do nothing in return.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because I'm assuming (probably wrong, just me) that most of us isn't very happy with their results and just would like people to actually take a gander at it. I put a lot of effort into my BOYD game, (you can check the huge block of text I added), and I'm sure you did too.

Now, WHAT I'M ASKING HERE OFFICIALLY IS... I would like people from this game jam to COMMENT below if they would like to be a "Game Tester" for this game jam, and play at least 20%-40% of the games posted at the END of the jam. So yes, if theres 100 games. I'm asking you to play 20-40 of them. I'm hoping I can get at least 4-6 testers so we can equally distribute every game on here. The goal of being a game tester is: Rate the game, Comment to encourage, and just playtest the game period.

If no one joins me on this crusade... Then I apologize in advance.

90% of the games I have on my profile were projects that have been forgotten but I still loved playing them.
I tried to explain all of them as best as I can and the controls because I did very little of that for each of them which makes it a tiny bit complex, but that shouldn't stop you from figuring it out yourself right?

Although I have several games I brought out, there was one that was the most appealing to me and I'd like to share it here on BOYD.

Heres my mockup, plan on making an RPG life time gameplay, OBVIOUSLY those sprites... are like out of the question but you can expect some neat gameplay.

NOTE: I'M ONLY DOING A DEMO!!! I'm going to raise the resolution after this and probably make more of this game with a higher resolution.

Yes Yes Yes! Call it a demo, and tag the title with [DEMO] to let people know. This is what i plan on doing.