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This game is more of a concept rather actual game play, I appreciate you checking this one out as well.

Here's the instructions when you arrive at a gray screen

"Pressing 1 (Callisto) or 2 (Janus) Choose character at beginning and R to restart game."

So the second you see the gray screen, tap on 1 or 2 and you'll bring forth the character and just play test them for a bit. Pressing R will help you soft reset the game so you can try the other character. Unfortunately I only got around doing 2 character's move sets and not finish the game entirely.


Thank you for the reply. I have tried the game now, and like you said there is not mush game here, but what is here could be a great start to a fighting game.


Silly me made a mistake and didn't post the document to each of their stories. This concept has a lot more plot and story to it than just a bit of fancy demo game play.