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Here we go, I tried the squinting thing and I can totally relate. This time, I've left everything bolded. I've completely fixed the contrasting between the background and the forground colors on the buttons. The game will be played in full screen so there will most definitely be no problems. I apologize for the inconvenience, I'd be an honor to have you and your sister play my game. But be warned, there contains graphic scenes and may not be suitable for the younger audience (that is assuming you or your sister are of young age, or to anyone of such age). I hope this is the best I can offer. Thank you for your patience.

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I did not want to be anoying, haha X'D Sorry if I have been!

I wish you look for your game. Looks promising!

No no, dear, you have not been annoying. I love feedback, thank you for your time.

Pfuuuh, that's a relieve! Haha. Some people are somewhat bad with criticsimn and get demotivated quickly, which I would not want! ;)
BTW it looks way clearer now =)