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Hey Chequered Ink,

If it helps at all, the game starts you off with a basic tutorial mission, then it leads you to our first set of missions with a race called the Lotl's. However your issues with the game definitely do point to some major flaws since you were able to skip right past them, fly around, and get bored. 

I also agree that we probably reached for a bit to much with the resolution being locked at 64x64, however the good news is that the game jam made for an interesting idea / story line and we are going to be working on a non 64x64 second game that dives deeper into the world we made.

Thanks for giving it a try.

Hello everyone.

This was a really fun project, and it was my second unity game I have ever developed. The 64x64 resolution definitely was a challenge to get around, and as someone with less than 2 months experience programming I am definitely happy with how the game turned out.

The small team we put together is looking forward to future projects, and we will most likely be making a second version of Conglomecorp that isn't limited to a small resolution, and will have more depth to the RPG side of the game.

Thanks and good luck to everyone who entered.

Agree fam