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I actually am planning on adding more to it.

The enemies, while semi smart, can use some more tuning, as well as more enemies.

Some more weapons would be nice, and the arena / map is a little bit on the basic side.

I feel with a bit more work this could turn into quite the fun little arena style / survive as long as you can game.

Queue the Vsauce theme.

I see, my spawn manager did the exact same thing, but in an arena style game that doesn't necessarily feel out of place / random. It's always hard to convey randomness in mechanics in code without explicitly telling people what's going on.


You don't have to worry about overly complex mechanics when the only mechanic is to kill as many mobs as possible while not dying.

Thanks, experience, successes, and failures from previous game jams helped me know what to focus on, and what to cut for a game jam this short, and I'm really happy with what I ended up with.


I clearly didn't go as "Dice" heavy as most games I've tried, but I still tried to keep some good elements of random in it while focusing on it being a fun little experience.

Thanks for giving it a try.

Definitely not bad, I usually say if I can play a game jam game for about 5 minutes or longer it's pretty good, and I played this for a little bit. It's simple, and I feel like the controls could have been simplified. Good job.

I feel like this takes the theme too literally, as it was just pure randomness.

I felt like I was up good and then I lost, also shows I don't know anything about stocks, I think I bought high and sold low, I'm a genius. The music was very loud though.

I gave it a try, the jumps barely making it up to the next levels caused frustration, and I'm unsure how this fits the theme at all. Not bad for 48 hours though.

I won't rate since I just wanted to play the web version, I just wanted to say it was quite comedic for the game to start, music got more intense, and boom black screen.

It went from a few enemies to about 50+ real quick, the music randomly stopped, I then died and couldn't retry / restart the level.

The ability to constantly wait until you get a roll you want kind of kills any form of challenge, really cool concept though.

My only complaint is that I wish I could just hold down WASD to move instead of tapping it constantly. Good little graphics, sound is well balanced, bonus points for options for sound, music, and camera effects. Also the little details such as sfx playing while adjusting the volume slider were really nice and shows a level of polish for this game. Really good job.

Well that went from 0 - 100 very quickly. 


Honestly though, I'm not sure how the dice have anything to do with the upgrades you get, the only randomness I see is the upgrades offered when you have killed enough little amogi.

Music is very loud.

I feel this could be expanded on and turn into quite the interesting little game, the problem is when just roaming around and roaming from room to room, having to sit and roll constantly to get the rolls you need is a bit frustrating, and it would have been nice to be able to press space or something to roll the dice instead of constantly going back and forth with the mouse.

Combat, while simple, if expanded would make for an interesting game that's for sure.

Good job.

Seems to get stuck on loading for me.

So far this was the first game jam project that let you choose different dice to try to get higher attack rolls on mobs with more health, however without having an indicator of how much health mobs have, it was just guessing. I also noticed the fireball from the mage would hit the players collider, make the player get a bit stuck, and not delete itself. Some form of hit indicator would have been nice as well so you can tell if you're taking damage.

Critique aside, really good project for this game jam.

I started the game after rolling for a minute, got into the game, rolled the dice, rolled the new dice, I apparently lost, I'm not sure how, I then pressed space to start the game, and my dice was no longer there.

The music was quite loud, and with no option to turn it off that made the experience quite rough.

The dice rolling sound was quite distorted, not sure if that was intended or not.

I seemed to have broken the game, I did the classic move of going left instead of going right and I never respawned.

Making a local multiplayer game for a game jam is definitely a bold move, as most of us well.. Have no friends to play with in real life.

Overall it seemed neat, but some sort of turn indicator would have been nice, I just fiddled around with the controls for a little bit, moved a piece across the board and blasted another piece.

Implementing the ability to rotate the camera to more easily see around the dice to help know which way it's going to land would be a good feature to have.

My brain simply isn't big enough to get the dice to match on purpose. Nifty though.

After reading the description, and playing for a few minutes, I just seemed to be unable to figure out what the objective of the game was. Decent selection of pixel art though.

I was unable to read the text in the beginning, and honestly everything is just a bit too small and oddly fast paced.

Seriously this is solid.

The graphics for it being a 48 hour game jam are quite out there, wonderful job  with the lighting and effects, hell even the animations.

Slightly frustrating getting knocked off, but I understand that is the main way the enemies can kill you.

The variety of weapons and shields was awesome for the 48 hour limit, I can tell sound effects were probably a "Nice to have" but would have been nice to have some ambiance and some attack skills and what not.

In 48 hours you achieved this, I'm curious to see what a week / month would end up being.

Really good job.

I have no critique, this is the peak of what can be achieved with the Unity game engine. 

I see in a comment you said it's supposed to be a rage game, well I'm terrible at platformers and I only beat the first level, the second one I couldn't get past the last spike. It was quite comedic having my inputs swapped midway and dying because of it. 

Could do with some sounds effects or something along those lines.

Good job.

Quick tip while it's on my mind. For the audio of the gunshots, add a tiny variation in the pitch for each shot so it doesn't sound so static / generic. Just a random.range(0.95f, 1.05f) and that'll do wonders.

There's not much to say, it's a solid little tower defense game, and the sniper + reloader combo is a bit overpowered. Definitely good for a weekend game jam that's for sure.

I gave it a shot, the travel time between map pieces was quite slow, I got one combat encounter where I one shot a slime with a melee ability, I was greeted with a reward screen of all defenses, so naturally I took defense, I then put it on an empty dice face (I think) went back to the map, and the game got stuck.

That being said, the UI was nice, and the transition from the world map area to the combat encounter was actually quite neat. 

I feel perhaps too much time was spent on UI, as the UI was wonderful, but the rest of the game fell behind because of that.

After playing through a few levels and reading how the # you end up with controls how many times you can move with the other dice, then being sure to end up with a higher number, I somehow did worse.

Concept is a tad confusing since score is  based on how many moves it takes to get to the hole. 

Not bad.

Thank you for including ways to turn off music and camera shake, that gets bonus points.

Took a couple deaths to truly figure out how the core loop was meant to be played, and I feel the amount of enemies ramps up quite quickly. One second I was figuring out the controls and the next I get wombod by 3 enemies shooting me off screen.

Gameplay felt solid though, good art, sound effects were a nice touch, and the implementation of dodging / being hit rolling to a random weapon nicely fit the theme.

Good job.

It was definitely an experience and I don't know what layer of hell I ended up in.

The character controller felt.. Interesting and as time went on I started drifting more to the right or left depending on what way I was going. AI bugged out multiple times which made for a funny experience, and one of the the dice I threw sent me into orbit.

I would recommend speeding up the character as playing through the second level felt really slow, and you could easily just walk past all enemies.

Fine game, I mainly only got "Stay close to the enemy" as my task. The biggest audio here was the music, quite loud with no way to turn it off, and it's quite a harsh loop. 

Gameplay wise, controls felt good and the game felt responsive, would have been a nice touch to change the cursor into a little aiming reticule or something along those lines. Art was definitely nice.

Overall a simple project, and it follows the theme well. My main problem is the character controller has some weird delay to inputs, causing the game to feel less responsive. Could use a menu to restart when you run out of dice.

Much like my own submission, I feel the game doesn't really live off of the theme, but it's there and the randomness does add a nice touch to the gameplay. It definitely wouldn't hurt to maybe throw a couple of BGM tracks to cycle through or just have an option to mute it.

Game design wise, I felt myself wishing I could just use my mouse to aim, but I understand locking it to A / D and controlling the speed the player can turn to fire at increases difficulty.

Overall, good little weekend game jam project, simple and executed well.

Thank you for the really kind review. 
I'm tempted to try to continue development on a game like this.
The assets are definitely a nice touch, and taking the bit of code out of the player controller I made that will enable air movement will feel great.
I'll talk to my buddy and see what he thinks.