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hello I'm looking for a team, I'm a composer, but I can also help with the sounds

thank you so much, very nice to know that you liked it, especially the music :)

hehe, thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

the link is here:

a cool and fun arcade, its mechanics work well, I also liked its look a little

I found the mechanics totally cool, its visuals are also amazing! very differentiated

the game is very good, a very simple game, but it delivers everything good.

I really liked the game, it's just amazing, for me its best part is the music and its sounds

I liked the game system, its mechanics, and especially the art, the audio part is missing a lot, but I like this game, it's fun

thank you very much, I'm very happy that you liked the song, I really tried hard to make it :), in terms of this bug, I hadn't tried it, but it was something unexpected, I apologize for the inconvenience

a totally unique idea, and very good, I really liked it, something innovative and fun, it would be nice to continue with this project for a more elaborate game

Reminds me of Just Shapes and Beats too

the idea of the game is really, really amazing, if it was a better game I would play it for sure

fun, and the music and sfx give a little more emotion to the game, in the boss there is an easy way to kill him, it could be more difficult, I could stand in the corner of the screen, shooting and dodging the shots because they took time to come , great game

Of course, there are many things missing, but the idea is a little cool, I think it's kind of emotionless to just have to dodge.

the experience is pretty cool, taking into account that it's his first game, it's even a cool job :)

It's fun, but there's still a lot missing, but good work :)

I really liked the arts and the audio part, both sfx and music, but I found it a bit lacking in salt

very good, perfect graphics, and very fluid gameplay, I thought the music hurt my ears a little, not because it was loud, but because it was just a rock repetition, but on the one hand it gave a little tension, and not there were many sfx like sounds and sound effects

good job with the programming, the arts and audio are very simple, it could be something better, the bullets are also very slow, but I really liked the mini map system

since you liked the songs, I have a link on my YouTube channel where I separated the complete songs, if you wanted to hear you can call me :D

thank you very much, this mechanic could not be fully used because the jam is a short period, but you know, I appreciate it, this kind of comment is really encouraging :)

thank you very much, I'm very happy that you liked it, in this case I made the music, I'm happy to receive a compliment from another composer :)

the game is totally incredible, its mechanics and invocation, the theme is very fun too, the sad thing is that, without background music, it doesn't give much emotion, but apart from that it's perfect

very cool visuals, and the music is really tense, very good

as always, sorry for what happened with the controls, however, I don't know if you noticed, but you can control the ships by the arrows, I'm very happy that you liked the music, I really dedicated myself to it, I'm happy :)

thank you very much, it's great to know that my compositions pleased someone, yes this difficulty with the controls was unfortunately a mistake that we were not able to correct before the deadline

no problem, you did a great job :)


no problems, but the errors were when I walked, he went very fast, and didn't stop exactly when I stopped there was a delay

the game itself is very good, but what i liked the most was the theme, something like a mysterious cave, and a giant monster trying to swallow you is very good, advancing and collecting coins and getting stronger, it's really pretty cool, the arts they are very cute, the sounds too, it would be even better if it had a soundtrack

I'm even speechless, it's incredibly cool, isn't it? I hadn't noticed, but now that you said it I remembered, when I played, I did the same thing, I ended up staying in 1 arcade only lol, but thank you very much, and I'm glad you liked it, in terms of art, development, etc.. I can't comment much, because I only made the songs, but I hope I liked this aspect too

the game is fun and cute, I liked the graphics and a lot of the music, although I think it didn't match the game much, in fact, I found it a little difficult to control the character, the response time was not very accurate, but it's a great game

this game is just perfect, its mechanics work well, power ups to pass the level, shots, enemies, the concept of confined is very good, alias for me the best thing about the game was the sfx, I don't know if they were created originally , or if they were already ready, but even so they matched a lot with the game, they made it immersive, by the way, as far as I play there was only one song that was repeated, and despite having only one song, it was enough to give me immersion for the game

very cool, you liked the game, I also wish I could have the option to change them, however, there was no time to do this part

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I felt her low

I don't know if it was you or your team that created everything, but the graphics are magnificent, the controls are simple and good, the audio I thought was cool, but the music was kind of repetitive and with very high frequencies after a while listening it started to hurt me head, and I also thought that my character walks, and slides very fast, ends up making gameplay difficult

a good game, fun, but also The controls are a little strange but it's still fun!

I really liked the sfx, I think it could have a song, by the way the graphics are beautiful, but I found the art kinda weird, I don't know if that was the goal

I can't play, it's a black screen, maybe it's because of my browser