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Glad you enjoyed our game and thank you for the suggestion.

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Thanks Sebastian! Interesting how you portrayed the art style as a perception blur of memories. The idea to depict everything in black and white was definitely planned. During the initial few hours of brain storming several game ideas for LD42, our artist was sketching a character on paper. Once we decided to go with "Unfamiliar", he showed us his sketch (which turned out to be George). We thought the black on white sketch style art would be great for this topic and would help portray a sad atmosphere.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed our game and thank you for writing a wonderful article.

Thanks for playing! To answer your question,  two of our developers had family whom showed signs of the symptoms of Alzheimer's.

Thanks for the feedback! Speeding up the clouds over time is not a bad idea.

Interesting analysis and ideas. Definitely good points to consider moving forward.

Haha, that was a good read. I very much enjoyed this comment. Also, thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Neat concept! Fun and challenging! Player got stuck between wall and spike wall, but was fun up to that point. Otherwise, well done!

Thanks! It was built with simplicity in mind. I wanted the players to easily pick up and play the game.

Once the voting process if over, I intend to make some adjustments. I'm considering the suggestions to make the obstacles outright kill the player, or at least more punishing to collide with one. This would most likely force a reduction in the amount of debris falling from the sky, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to survive!

Anyway, I appreciate the detailed feedback and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you sir! I appreciate the detailed feedback. This game is the first of many to come!

Found gun. Found bullet. Shot at scary thing. Realized scary thing wasn't the thing I needed to kill. IT becomes hungry. IT chases me. Frantically looks for another bullet. Turns corner. Gets eaten. 10/10 would get eaten again.

Score: 590