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Falling Through LifeView game page

Ride the clouds of inspiration to avoid falling to your death.
Submitted by Kovakomes (@AdrianKovatana), Mister_Kweh — 1 minute, 34 seconds before the deadline

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Sound Effects#363.1503.150

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What INSPIRED this game?
clouds and sky diving

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I liked the fact that you took an existing genre: endless faller, and turned it completely upside down, creating a new kind of game mechanic altogether! it's pretty easy right now, as the obstacles don't actually kill you, but rather, stop you, but I can see how this would be really challenging if they took lives of you and if the clouds would go faster and faster as time went by. Great little game, good job on finishing dude! Thanks for uploading!


Thanks for the feedback! Speeding up the clouds over time is not a bad idea.


I freefell for a while, unsure of what to do, until I figured out what was going on: you have seek out the things that lift you up, and avoid the things dragging you down as best you can. Once I had that down, things seemed pretty easy. I was pretty much on top, wondering how it was even possible to fall. It all seemed so simple back then. 

But then I was blindsided. 

Something came out of nowhere, and I was knocked from my lofty perch.  'No problem,' I thought. 'I'll find those things that lift me up, and I'll be right back on top. ' But few came. Those that appeared were blocked by more obstacles, and just by trying to reach them, I fell only further. Just before I hit the very bottom, a chance wind that I couldn't even anticipate came from nowhere, and lifted me back up from the brink of oblivion. 

Only then did I understand the true nature of things: sure, there's a knack to it. Put yourself in the right place, and you've got a good chance of making it. But really? It's a whole lot of luck, man. Lady luck giveth, and boy does she taketh away. Boy, does she.

I also played your game and thought it was really good. Nice job, man!


Haha, that was a good read. I very much enjoyed this comment. Also, thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!


Simple and fun game. While I like the simple artstyle, the black obstacles could have used better art. IMO, the obstacles should kill you, or at least lower your health. Otherwise, there is no tension in the game, i.e. the player can just keep riding the clouds and constantly be at the top of the screen, without worrying about the obstacles. I found the game fun, because I thought the obstacles were to be avoided at all costs. The game could also use coins to pick up, so that player has something to do, which also adds tension if the coin is between obstacles. Great job, nonetheless, and keep making games!


Thank you sir! I appreciate the detailed feedback. This game is the first of many to come!


I agree. To be honest, I just assumed they were deadly and avoided them at all costs, even though it resulted in my death. I was riding high at first, but when I realized there were obstacles, I figured they must be the reason why you would want to hover around the middle of the screen. Overall though, this was super fun, and I love how you can just immediately pick and up play without having to read a wall of text instructions.


Thanks! It was built with simplicity in mind. I wanted the players to easily pick up and play the game.

Once the voting process if over, I intend to make some adjustments. I'm considering the suggestions to make the obstacles outright kill the player, or at least more punishing to collide with one. This would most likely force a reduction in the amount of debris falling from the sky, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to survive!

Anyway, I appreciate the detailed feedback and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!


To weigh in on the suggestions regarding obstacles, I actually quite like how they work- the game kind of plays like the water section of frogger. I do also think a bit of urgency would add to the experience, though. 

Making obstacles lethal and reducing the count is one way, but I think that would remove a layer of depth: at the minute, there can be interesting choices to be made regarding flying through obstacles to reach a bunch of clouds on the other side, which makes navigating the area quite interesting. 

Perhaps adding a third game object that is rarer but lethal would be a good solution? You could have a warning appear at the top, and have a red object fly down quickly, perhaps. Or even just making the natural rate at which the player falls might make things a little more tense.

In any case, if you decide to keep working on the game after the voting period, upping the danger is definitely a good way to go :)


Interesting analysis and ideas. Definitely good points to consider moving forward.


second on this comment.