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Yes, changing . to , in this file helped.

I also got this one when trying to launch it today.

Hi, thx for a hint.

Once I reach a stable version I'll prepare also Linux one, with Unity it's simple.

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This is a  sequel to my roguelike  game:

It's a roguelike game with an outer world and several dungeons that can be entered from the world.

It already features :

- melee fighting 

- crafting 

- interactions with Merchants

- traveling world/dungeons

-save/load (rare feature these days;))

After months of development I can finally provide a functional version:

There are certainly some bugs, but I wanted to show game's mechanics and game mood.

Looking for a feedback!


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I'm developing a  roguelike game: Once upon a Dungeon II.
It's gonna be open world game with many dungeons to visit.

Planned features:

  • turn based combat
  • mix of predefined/procedural dungeons
  • hack/slash oriented
  • tons of loot (ordinary, magic, enchantable, unique)
  • crafting
  • merchants
  • different monsters (ordinary, champions, bosses)

Game's development progress will be reported here.

Game's page on Itch

Hello exol161, send me your email address to:

Hello mickio1,

Thank you for a honest review.

You're right - many aspects of this game sucks - especially graphics.

I'm a programmer, but I like drawing graphics and I'm willing to get better :)

I did not care much about graphics - as they say it's not that important in roguelikes.

From the time perspective I think it might have been a reason for this game's failure, as many people reject the game purely based on the look of it.

I stopped development of it due to a lack of interest from players. No  one to blame. There are many very good games on the market - so  it's hard to get an attention.

Before releasing it I wanted to get any response as I was not sure if game is mature enough. 

Here are (some of) attempts:

Again no-one to blame, forums are full of trash mixed with a small percentage of good games. I'm myself not commenting work of others - my (poor) excuse: lack of time. 

During a year after release there were about 9 big updates of it - making it a decent coffee-break game  - kind of what I envisioned. Still I got maybe 8 reviews on steam and zero on itch (I guess itch has way smaller audience).

So the key is to make a good game and then somehow get attention of community - I failed at least at a second part.

Armed with a knowledge I got when  creating it I'm thinking about creation of the sequel - that would be a big game with an outer world and many dungeons you can enter from it.

I'm designing games in my spare time - so it's a slow process, and getting slower as I'm getting older :).

At the moment I'm not sure if alpha version will ever appear. Since  year I'm designing some stuff for it, but it's way too slow pace of development. Anyway you can get a preview of assets on my twitter account:

Have fun playing the game,


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I've just released the alpha version of my newest game: Gem Collector.

It's quite stable and I think it's time a wider audience could check it out.

I hope user will appreciate  the Level Editor which allows to quickly change/design new levels. There is also easy way to share levels using a Publish feature.

Demo version also provided, have fun!






Game Page


I was once a pirate.  That was a great time - sailing, drinking grog, pillaging other ships from time to time. One day our ship was captured by the forces of King Casimir the Great.  Most of my fellows died during the battle, and I awoke in prison with a bruise on my head. I was given the choice of either the gallows or cleaning up some dungeon So here I am entering this stinking cellar, hoping to have more luck than my predecessors...

- turn based
- procedurally generated levels
- tons of loot (plain, magic, unique)
- spells system
- trading system
- some quests
- some crafting
- door/key/lever mechanics
- quite a lot of different monsters (plain, champions, bosses)