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Hello sorry for my bad english I don't know  if you  read me and how contact you^^ 

I'm fall on your game ( Once upon a Dungeon )the day  of your sale finish! and it seems pretty good ( I love indie rogue like XD ) Sadly I haven't any money for game but have any time for play ...

Then I ask you if you could offer it to me (if it's possible in two  copy for me and my little sister on steam( and one copy or I agree to write an honest review in french on steam and itch (you have already one positive review on steam in french with more than 30h of play!)  and maybe my little sister too!

PS : Can I suggest you to publish it on GOG (more visibility than on itch and players who love retro games) if you make it and and that you accept my proposal I can publish my review on GOG too!^^

PPS : I see on steam your other game ( Gem Collector ) in early access and he make me think at Bulder Dash it seems pretty good and I'm verry intersted at help you with first review in french and bug tracking maybe suggest too (if I have) maybe you can publish on GOG too for the same reason  XD

PPPS : I have a suggest if it's not too late think  for make easy method for translate game one of the biggest mistakes of the small indie it's not to think about it because they can't means to have their games translated have it translated by a professional and after it's too late but depending on the amount of text it only takes one player to translate the game ;-) and mostly players prefer play in their language!!

PPPPS : (I know  it's a lot ) mostly do not feel obliged to accept my requests even if I would be delighted !! and  I know I ask a lot but if you could give me extra keys I make it on giveaway on indiegala there is between 500 and 1500+  participant and it's make "free" pub and maybe more players

thanks in advance for reading me and maybe for accept my offer take care of yourself

good night