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Once upon a Dungeon - Roguelike game

A topic by KotoGames created Nov 13, 2017 Views: 91
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I was once a pirate.  That was a great time - sailing, drinking grog, pillaging other ships from time to time. One day our ship was captured by the forces of King Casimir the Great.  Most of my fellows died during the battle, and I awoke in prison with a bruise on my head. I was given the choice of either the gallows or cleaning up some dungeon So here I am entering this stinking cellar, hoping to have more luck than my predecessors...

- turn based
- procedurally generated levels
- tons of loot (plain, magic, unique)
- spells system
- trading system
- some quests
- some crafting
- door/key/lever mechanics
- quite a lot of different monsters (plain, champions, bosses)