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Very impressive artwork and gameplay

My daughter's artwork is always the best part of any game she works on with me :) Thanks for playing!

Very impressive, the graphics, sounds, and animations are all very polished. It was also really cool that I was able to plugin my xbox controller and it worked great for this game :)

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My daughter loves to create artwork in MS Paint, so back when I did the Paint Jam she was very excited to help with the Soup Dash game and her skills were the perfect fit, and any jam she wants to help me with I'm always be honored to have her art skills help make the game better :-)

Thanks for the feedback.

My git hosting doesn't have web ui yet, you can download it from the command line if git is installed, and also you need to merge in aud and img branches to get the full game with audio and images (ignore the clickable link, the wysiwig editor won't let me remove it, this is to type into the command line):

git clone
cd saveturtles
git pull origin aud
git pull origin img

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Great genre mash-up! I really like the spin you took on tower defense where AI creates the towers :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback (ending could use some work)!!

Creative idea! I really like the vintage graphics

I love this take on the theme, campbell soup space invaders, awesome mashup :)

Thanks for playing!!

Your artwork is really good. Your game is a lot fun, especially enjoyed the can battles

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game/art :)


Loved the voices and sound effects, I had a lot of fun playing the game

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed her art

Stunning artwork, neat game idea!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Really fun game!


Thank you!


Thank you!

I noticed a lot of cool animation details, like how character animates when moving across the ledges, and graceful character animation as he floats to the ground. Also the moving background buildings are a nice touch, it makes for an awesome parallax effect (I tried something like that in my game but not as successfully as you did). Well done!

This is a fun game, everything in it seemed very authentic-NES to me, from the sound effects to the graphics and gameplay. Well done!

I love RTS games and also love NES games, this is the perfect match-up! :)

I like how the click-drag draws the selection box just like in rts games, I enjoyed the artwork, especially the little vehicles and people running around the screen. Well done!

Flappy Bird 3D is a very creative idea! I was able to escape the tutorial but it appears my laptop browser couldn't handle the graphics after escaping the tutorial, from the youtube video it looks really awesome. I saw someone mention the game is smoother in Windows version, I'll give that a try.

Fun game. I was able to get the on/off button to show in chrome by zooming out (typing Control-Minus a few times). It felt like an authentic gameboy game. Well done!

Fun game! I really enjoyed the challenge of chasing the bees with the net.

Really well done with the artwork and animations. The most fun for me was figuring out how to make the bird fly/glide (double-space while moving). I wasn't sure how to get up to the higher peaks, I wasn't very good at accurately timing the jumps, it would be nice if there was a control to transition from gliding to flapping wings and being able to fly a bit upwards. Overall, I enjoyed the game and the vibe it gives.

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Fun game! I like how the gameplay is straightforward, it tells me what to do next in each scene but is still a fun challenge to try and accomplish it.

Fun game, I really like the space scenery, wasp-shaped alien bugs, and the spaceship boost animations. Well done!

I really like your artwork. I had difficulty with the gameplay, timing things right and struggled to jump over that toxic waste cloud character, but it might just be I found Donkey Kong challenging too. I really like how you made it unique in moving the toxic waste and water into their respective containers. Well done!

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It took me 10 minutes but I made it to the end. Your game is very polished; I especially enjoyed the dino art and explosions.

Fun game! The first phase is difficult, but still fun. The castle art and character animation are very well done.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I especially liked the background thunderstorm sounds and how you switched from birds eye view to sidescroller view, it was a very unique and fit well with the stealthy vibe. Well done!

Fun game, I like the vibe this game gives, and its unique art and music.

Fun game! I really like the artwork and the circling weapon animations. 

Amazing, the pixel artwork is so colorful, love it!

I haven't played the original version of this game, but your version is definitely a lot of fun to play, and very polished. Well done!