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We can't promise anything but we are quite sure a Windows version will happen later this month (including other TTT titles)!


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I made a little instruction booklet! Now need to figure a way to make it happen as a physical object instead of just a PDF. :)

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Hello everyone,

Gravitus Minus is a game I have been working on for a while and I finally released something a few weeks ago. The game will be instantly recognizable for those who remember Thrust (or Solar Jetman if you had a NES), your mission is to use your rotating spaceship to fetch a heavy energy core that keeps pulling your ship down thanks to the ruthless gravity. Since the original game was known to be a bit hard, I added an "Easy Mode" that has a simple control method and it allows you to make a few mistakes.

The game features some very nice chiptune music from n00bstar (be sure to check out the trailer below for a taster) and the quite well known pixel artist Ilkke helped me with the graphics. There also are challenges for each level and an online high score leaderboard system.

Currently, you can play it on Windows and Linux. The itch app is the easiest way to install the game, obviously .




No, it just looks nicer when you can see his face. Do you think it's too disorienting? Did you figure out the control system in a reasonable time?

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OK, I just noticed you need to click on the mute button on lower right corner of the game area and then the game has focus. Clicking on the game used to catch the focus but for some reason doesn't do it anymore.

EDIT: Also the black area around the game seems to work.

Thank you. :) I am working on a "remix" version that is a bit easier (and has some extra content!)

Pico-8 uses Z and X as buttons, will update that info on the page. Thanks for reminding. :)

Thanks! I found the limited palette (you can't modify the colors at all) basically told me what to draw. "So, I have just these blues and brownish oranges... I know! Pyramids and ice!"



I finished a little racing game today called Pico Racer. It's basically a pseudo 3D driving game like Outrun or Pole Position mixed with Buggy Boy's obstacles and Enduro's day/night cycle. It has a few different landscapes. So far people have said nice things about it. Though, I wrote the game as my first Pico-8 project over the last week (give or take a few days) so it has some tiny issues such as the difficulty being a bit rough and some graphics glitches. I will of course fix those as soon as I notice them.

I made the game in the Pico-8 environment (it's sorta an emulator for an imaginary 80s console) and it's playable in most browsers (I found Chrome works the fastest). I recommend Pico-8 to everyone with problems finishing stuff. Its weird limits really help to not get stuck thinking what to add to your game and make you just go with the flow. :)