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[SOLVED] Crash on startup if no audio devices connected

A topic by kometbomb created May 15, 2017 Views: 206 Replies: 6
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Not a biggie, other than I need to find my headphones if I want to play and the error message (SIGFPE) is a bit misleading. :)

EDIT: This is on Windows btw fyi


Interesting! Thanks for the report! Will see what I can do!


I'm curious how to were able to not have an audio device connected? I'm not sure how to reproduce this. SIGFPE would suggest it might be something else. Could you let me know the exact error message? Thanks!

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This just pops up when I run the game. That's divide by zero most likely, maybe you divide by the sample rate or so because it definitely happens when I don't have my 'phones plugged in.

On my computer, for some reason if I don't plug in any audio devices, any audio code basically refuses to initialize. Not sure about the libraries you use, but I was able to bypass this in my own code by simply checking if audio was init properly and if not, just skip everything related to audio. Maybe you could simulate it by just not initializing the audio device.


Hi, can you please test the new version and see if it fixes your issue.

It works!


Yay! Awesome! =)