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In short: PICO-8 has probably the fastest idea-to-game time we have seen and it's really fun to work with. So, it's a no-brainer to pick the system, especially if you are into retro aesthetics and a bit of challenge (and a very helpful community)! I think we usually have a playable prototype ready in a few days after an idea, the rest is just fine tuning and making it look and sound good. That's probably a week's worth of work spread over a few months. And sometimes the idea doesn't go anywhere and we ditch it so there is that, too. But on PICO-8 it's quite easy to prototype and test stuff so it's usually fun to fail.

It's always interesting to watch people play our games (and of course it gives valuable insight on if a game is too hard etc.) so a big thank you for the video and comments!