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A topic by GxGrainSon created Sep 14, 2017 Views: 1,054 Replies: 5
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this looks promising, downloaded it but i have no idea how it works. any tutorials online?

and i mean more like a basics tutorial about how the software works so that its more accessible for new comers :P your music is great and id love to learn from it


You could start from this post. I recommend the n00bstar tutorial, it starts from the very basics. I guess you could also read/watch videos about trackers in general to get an idea about how they work.

P.S. Most of the music you see in the videos is by someone else than me. I agree it's great, though. ;)

thank you for the quick reply ^^ ill definitely check this out! and ill definitely share this wonderful tool on my twitter page.


NP, I hope you post some tunes soon!

I'm wondering what happened to n00bstar and this is a good place to ask as any. His site seems to have not been updated for years and I'm really curious why. What happened to him? Isn't active anymore, just doesn't use klystrack or have been ran over by a bus?