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hi there, yes i did code this all myself. It does not have rollback netcode, which is why we need funding/ a publisher to het that in the game! No this is not built off of a template btw :]

Hey there, sorry to hear youre having trouble with opening the game.

I sadly dont have a mac to test this on but i did some research and there are a couple of fixes for this error that you could try:

Check your security settings and or file permissions to see if its not being blocked by anything.

Maybe the file got corrupted somehow, so maybe redownload?

Lastly, maybe your OS needs to be updated? 

Sorry if youve tried all of these already but i cant test these things myself :(  maybe theres someone in our discord that has mac who can help with this issue! 

Hope you get to play the game soon!!

Slime is a character that was temporarily removed but theyll be back along with the steam release and some other updates aswel

the videos you see are probably outdated, you have the right version for sure!

very soon! along with steam release.

once the steam release is up (which will also mean this version is updated) ill make sure to add a little tutorial and also balance the game a bit :] thanks for giving the game a try!

Theres a .txt file which explaines the keyboard controls and gamepad controls :]

Theres a .txt file which explaines the keyboard controls and gamepad controls :]

thank you so much for your kind words! glad your experience aligned with my goal :D

Thank you for the compliment. I hope to release that game on steam yes. But no date for release yet

Thank you for the feedback! A moveslist is the next thing ill be adding. I agree that it should have been in the game a long time ago.

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Thanks for clarifying for me. Yes the game is still in development. You can follow me on twitter to stay up to date woth whats going on. Atm there are alot of things going on behind the scenes :)

thanks for the tip! currently working on an engine switch which will have button config ^^

aww thank you for the kind words ^^ 

aww thank you so much!! that means so much to me :D 

its coming to steam! i signed everything i needed to so now we wait :

hey there, what i mean it: i personaly have no knowledge on how to do netcode or anything regarding network play, if i ever find out how or if i can get something to work with the game then ill definetly add it but for now its just a mystery/dream :]  if im correct you can always use "Parsec" which lets you play local multiplayer games online

i accidentally removed it from the files but i had a notepad set up with all the moves/controls! ill be adding a moves list ingame shortly in the next update!

just added the link to the page, already had a discord! thanks for the feedback :D

im glad you like it so far! much more to come in the future :]

i wish had different payment methods :[ sorry guys maybe ill get it on steam someday

thanks for clearing the issue, sorry for the inconvenience

glad this game could help your itch ^^

i dont have linux to test on so id have to find someone for that. maybe soon

thank you for the quick reply ^^ ill definitely check this out! and ill definitely share this wonderful tool on my twitter page.

and i mean more like a basics tutorial about how the software works so that its more accessible for new comers :P your music is great and id love to learn from it

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this looks promising, downloaded it but i have no idea how it works. any tutorials online?