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hey there, what i mean it: i personaly have no knowledge on how to do netcode or anything regarding network play, if i ever find out how or if i can get something to work with the game then ill definetly add it but for now its just a mystery/dream :]  if im correct you can always use "Parsec" which lets you play local multiplayer games online

i accidentally removed it from the files but i had a notepad set up with all the moves/controls! ill be adding a moves list ingame shortly in the next update!

just added the link to the page, already had a discord! thanks for the feedback :D

im glad you like it so far! much more to come in the future :]

i wish had different payment methods :[ sorry guys maybe ill get it on steam someday

thanks for clearing the issue, sorry for the inconvenience

glad this game could help your itch ^^

i dont have linux to test on so id have to find someone for that. maybe soon

thank you for the quick reply ^^ ill definitely check this out! and ill definitely share this wonderful tool on my twitter page.

and i mean more like a basics tutorial about how the software works so that its more accessible for new comers :P your music is great and id love to learn from it

klystrack community · Created a new topic Tutorials

this looks promising, downloaded it but i have no idea how it works. any tutorials online?