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Pico Racer - or what I did over the Easter weekend.

A topic by kometbomb created Mar 28, 2016 Views: 285 Replies: 2
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I finished a little racing game today called Pico Racer. It's basically a pseudo 3D driving game like Outrun or Pole Position mixed with Buggy Boy's obstacles and Enduro's day/night cycle. It has a few different landscapes. So far people have said nice things about it. Though, I wrote the game as my first Pico-8 project over the last week (give or take a few days) so it has some tiny issues such as the difficulty being a bit rough and some graphics glitches. I will of course fix those as soon as I notice them.

I made the game in the Pico-8 environment (it's sorta an emulator for an imaginary 80s console) and it's playable in most browsers (I found Chrome works the fastest). I recommend Pico-8 to everyone with problems finishing stuff. Its weird limits really help to not get stuck thinking what to add to your game and make you just go with the flow. :)

this looks incredibly cool! especially love the color palette and the bands of color across the screen.

Thanks! I found the limited palette (you can't modify the colors at all) basically told me what to draw. "So, I have just these blues and brownish oranges... I know! Pyramids and ice!"