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Arclands community · Created a new topic Amazing!

Wow, this game looks amazing! I really like the art, it's beautiful! I'm really interested in the future of this game! Keep it up! :D

Hello everyone! I'm KiwiGalaxyDev and my dream is to become a professional game developer. I've created many mobile games and published three of them. One of these games is Monkey Wave. It's a casual clicker game. I've developed a couple of games for Game Jams on and now it's time to publish one of my mobile games to a Windows platform.

In Monkey Wave it's your goal to survive as long as possible. Monkeys love your bananas! So defend them with clicking on the monkeys. When you reach a certain score the game becomes harder and harder. For every monkey you kill you'll get coins. With this coins you can buy cosmethics in the store. An online leaderboard holds the scores of all players (Windows and Android). Try to become number one! I hope you take a look and I'll appreciate a review and comment from you guys. Thank you for having a look!

Download Here:

- KiwiGalaxyDev

(More content can be found on my Instagram @KiwiGalaxyDev)

Thank you for making a video about it. I know that it's not very challenging but I want to show you all my idea, a 3D Open World Tower Defense. Thank you for playing!

Wow! Thank you for your amazing comment! I really like your ideas to make the game better. So if you want to see more about the progress and more games I'm working on, please check out my Instagram: @KiwiGalaxyDev. Thanks! :)

Thank You! I feel good, you like it!

Hello Developers,

I'm KiwiGalaxyDev and I made the game Cribelz TD for this jam. Do you guys know Tower Defense already? If so, you know that it has mostly a drag & drop system. That is going to change! In my game you are literally the builder! You can build towers while you are walking around in your own Tower Defense World! You can see the enemies die in your chosen perspective. With three towers and two upgrades each you can make your own tactics and strategies. Sounds interesting right? If so check out this link: Try to survive 25 rounds against four unique enemies! For more information and controls check out this link:

Thank you for reading about my game. If you like it, let me know it with a positive review and vote on my game! I really like to see your projects to and let's have a fair competition. Keep programming guys! Good Luck!

- KiwiGalaxyDev

At the Rules Page, I read that you at least must be 13 years old. If you want more information about the rules for winning, click on the "Rules" button on the homepage. 😉

Wow, Thank You very Much! Maybe I will create a new version of the game. :)

Thanks! ;)

Haha, I've never played Animal Crossing but, yes with a little bit fantasy!

Thank You for your comment! :)

Thank You, maybe I will make a remake of this game with better Gameplay, more Animals, better Collisions, better Storyline and better English! :)

Thank You very much! Amazing to hear! :)

Thank You! I would like to make more Animals in the future. And Yes, my English isn't not very good. x(

Thanks for your comment!  ;)

Hello, I'm searching for a Art Designer for the HeartJam.

I'm a GameMaker Studio 2 Developer with a intermediate knowledge of GML. I've made multiple games, with snapshots added here. So I would like to work together with someone who has a intermediate knowledge of Pixel-Art and Pixel-Art Animations.

So do you have a good Pixel-Art experience?

Mail to me ( Plz don't spam me.

Important Things To Know:

- I come from the Netherlands so the Timezone is very important to know!

- My English speaking is very bad, so we need to chat without talking with a video.

- Don't forget to send me a few drawings that you made.

I hope to work together with you! :)

PS I've a YouTube channel were I upload Devlogs of my games, so you can have a little look about games were I'm working on. :)

Hello 2cute2die,

I'm a GameMaker Language Developer with an Intermediate knowledge. I've worked on many games and I like to work with others.

I've send you a mail with more information and Concepts. Do you have interesse? Let me know from here or mail me back.