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Searching for a Art Designer

A topic by KiwiGalaxyDev created Mar 08, 2018 Views: 174
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Hello, I'm searching for a Art Designer for the HeartJam.

I'm a GameMaker Studio 2 Developer with a intermediate knowledge of GML. I've made multiple games, with snapshots added here. So I would like to work together with someone who has a intermediate knowledge of Pixel-Art and Pixel-Art Animations.

So do you have a good Pixel-Art experience?

Mail to me ( Plz don't spam me.

Important Things To Know:

- I come from the Netherlands so the Timezone is very important to know!

- My English speaking is very bad, so we need to chat without talking with a video.

- Don't forget to send me a few drawings that you made.

I hope to work together with you! :)

PS I've a YouTube channel were I upload Devlogs of my games, so you can have a little look about games were I'm working on. :)