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looking for team (i'm an artist) 2d pixel

A topic by 2cute2die created Mar 06, 2018 Views: 360 Replies: 2
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Hi guys im super new to game dev but have a day job in digital design ( over 10 years )
I have been following tutorials in gamemaker but really im an artist not a coder. I redid the art for a platform tutorial i followed by sean spalding (sorry heartbeast - i did buy your rpg tutorial on udemy so give me a pass). I'm looking to do 2d or top down pixel art. 
i can work from briefs and am familiar with how gamemaker works with regards to sprites and assets.

here is a gif of that art / game

Hit me up. no spam pleaseeee
looking for someone / some team who isn't total noob but need an artist.

ps thats my website but has nothing game related.

pps im in london england so UK time.


That pixel art looks great!


Hello 2cute2die,

I'm a GameMaker Language Developer with an Intermediate knowledge. I've worked on many games and I like to work with others.

I've send you a mail with more information and Concepts. Do you have interesse? Let me know from here or mail me back.