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I submitted the original version of Femur Fever to the 'Good Bundle' back in 2016.
Here once again.

Yes! Platform-puzzle game.  It has come a long way since then!

Ah, that is very fair! I appreciate you checking Combo Postage out regardless. The choice to merge the jump and stomp button was a very hard one, trust me! Hehe... Anyway, I do not plan to ever remove this prototype iteration, so please continue to play to your heart's content.

Yes, you've identified some of the big issues with this game's balance! A lot of luck that is really hard to account for.
I addressed these in Combo Postage, the remake of this game. Consider giving it a try sometime if you have a Windows or Linux computer, and can spare the cost. :-)

I don't recall seeing any high score attempts ever being recorded! Would be cool to see the '68k' one, but the link seems to be broken for now.

Oh my goodness, that is such a high score- I cannot even imagine scoring so high myself!! I am happy to call this the 'unofficial' world record.
Please consider, if you'd like, recording video of further attempts just so there's no doubt that any future high scores are legitimate.
Thank you very much for playing. You are probably the best player in the world...

Thank you for playing... although I would prefer it if you instead created something new, maybe inspired by aspects of the design, than steal wholesale. Haha... ha...

Yes, your comment is spot on. Unfortunately I didn't have time to add scoring or properly balance the game, so its structure could definitely use some work. Thank you for playing!

Oh! I normally wouldn't encourage such deception, but as long as it's all in good fun, I think I can help a little. I think there's a way to alter your browser memory to directly change your high score if you really wanted to, but that's a bit of a hassle. I would just create a fake screenshot, and share that. After you have a laugh, make sure to come clean! :)

PS: 22,000 is a great score! 50,000 is so high... I don't know if I've even gotten that high a score!


I have several HTML5 games on itch, dating back to 2013, and I recently saw a few of them apparently had their 'zip' files changed without my knowledge. I have a feeling this is just something happening on the back end that isn't anything to worry about, but I still am a bit concerned. Do any itch staff know what's going on? Has anyone else encountered this?

Screen snip below:

Combo Postage

Game-breaking Bug and Typo Fixes (Check out the V2 source code for more details:)

Bugs: Fixed audio spike on defeat, freeze when there is no space to add targets, all targets being removed when a web with a target is destroyed, and rare random player loss due to destroyed web movement. Typos: Fixed beetle movement bumping the player’s web, target sound not playing sometimes, and visible development objects.

Sorry for replying so late. I will say for now, probably not, but that could change. :)

Hello! Just so you know, this was made in 48 hours for a game jam. I would usually playtest and balance more, but time restraints forced me to focus on making the core mechanics functional. Thank you for playing! 

You can do anything with the mystery processor. Well, not really. But you can try.

Will be taken down midnight EST.

Play it here.

Oh my gosh! What!? I didn't think that was possible! Congratulations on breaking the game! :-)

It's local on your machine and is wiped when the game is exited. :(

Ah! Thank you very much. :-)