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Can we change the high score ?

A topic by Iwannahack created Jan 31, 2020 Views: 145 Replies: 1
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My friend show me this game and he's way better than me . . . He's high score is 50 000 while mine is only 22 000. I want to trick him !

So here is my question : Can we change our highest score whitout playing ?

( The game is really good and fun to play but i'm bad at it ;) )


Oh! I normally wouldn't encourage such deception, but as long as it's all in good fun, I think I can help a little. I think there's a way to alter your browser memory to directly change your high score if you really wanted to, but that's a bit of a hassle. I would just create a fake screenshot, and share that. After you have a laugh, make sure to come clean! :)

PS: 22,000 is a great score! 50,000 is so high... I don't know if I've even gotten that high a score!