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Thank you so much! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Do you take commissions?

OMG, this is so good! Are you sure about letting anyone use it for commercial products? You're incredible!

Hey! It's not perfect, but here's the bitmask I'm using for this tileset! I use 3x3 (minimal), and an atlas for the un-bitmasked-sections. The autotile can't discern a block-wall-with-grass-on-all-sides from regular grass, since both would have tiles in all directions, so the autotiled version is comparatively simpler, and I use it as a base before painting the finer details myself (if you use an atlas, it doesn't update the autotile, so it works great).

Love the IntoTheBreach-esque gameplay! My main complaint is how you can get into an un-winnable situation if two of your blasters die too early. Into The Breach kept the mechs but left them on "autopilot" with no special abilities. Maybe something like that could work here?

Good concept. The art and presentation are really good too! It was a little bit difficult to get into, due to the amount of time it takes to regen health. At some points I was just sitting behind a wall waiting, which was a bummer. I'd love there to be an HP indicator on enemies too! One time I waited fifteen seconds to get health only to learn my opponent was at 1 hp. That really sucked.

I loved the spriteart! The concept was really original too! One thing I wish I could do was use a three-button scheme for choosing your character, like Q for fire, E for thunder, and R for ice, so I could swap between them more efficiently. You all did a great job!

Thank you for the advice! I've added a short how-to-play on the game page for future players. The lack of tutorial is one thing I really regret about the game. I hope to take your advice with me on my next game jam! Thank you again!

Really great progression! The weapon upgrades were a nice touch! I was a bit confused with how the rocket jump worked. But after a few tries, I was able to use its recharge to get over the final gap. Nice job!

Thank you so much!

A super unique take on the theme! I loved the lighting effects!

This one took me off guard! Fantastic job though! Gotta pay respects to Godot! One thing I wish I could do was view the entire screen before putting together my guy, but I just got around that by building my guy and walking around. Add some coyote time, and maybe speed up the player a bit, and it'd be great!

This was well done! Good premise and the explanation up front was very straightforward. I would say the hitboxes for the spikes are too large. In general, hitboxes should be in the player's favor, so if they can get those just-barely moments that feel fantastic! Getting killed because the hitbox went further than the visible sprite always feels bad, but an overgenerous one can make for a relaxed experience!

Great level design! The piece-pairings allow for a lot of variety while keeping to a small cast! Great game overall! Thank you for the experience!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Here's a hint: It revolves around Charge. It's not explained completely, but charge doubles the actions of connected allies. So if your ally has Beam and Hook, they can do two Beams and two Hooks next turn!