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The concept is pretty good. I think the princesses ai should be less random so it could be easier to predict and influence her movement. Also, you can see the default Unity background when you get too far in the level.


This is really fun. The art is awesome, and theres plenty of juice. I think the movement felt a bit uncontrollable, if you were able to control where the player is looking that would be nice.

I really liked the whole atmosphere here, and the gameplay is really fun too. I like that the enemies give you a signal before they spawn your bullets, and the variety in enemies is nice to see. Great job!

its joever

the pixels are blurry also it crashes when you use any of the skills

I like the story and the way the different bullet colors add variation. However, the main mechanic can be frustrating. It makes the game feel slow at times, and you can easily miss the white balls, since the player can't move very fast. I think the radius for picking them up is also a bit off. You can sometimes have a large part of the player touching the ball without the picking it up, which doesn't feel too fair. Nice work though.

The art was nice. However, the sound effects were quite grating. You should also probably be able to recharge faster, or maybe with a larger radius. 

So much juice!!!!!!!

Awesome art as always. I liked the  way the pitch of the meows showed you where the laser beam will hit.

Oh, whoops. Think I had my sound off

You nailed the gameboy aesthetic! I love the beginning cutscene. The boss is pretty fun too, I like all the breakable stuff you can shoot at. 2 things though: The hitboxes were a little too big, and the limited colors made the bosses bullets a bit too hard to see sometimes. 

The depth here is crazy. I love how many cards there are, it really helps make the runs feel unique. The boss battle itself is also really good. I like how it combines a lot of the things about the other ships and mashes them all together into one big enemy. (or three, technically) My one complaint is I wish there was some way to heal yourself.

Good game. The ads are really funny, the game play is quick and hectic. I think the boss should have a bit less health though. Had to get out the autoclicker for this one.

The fluidity here was awesome. I really like how satisfying it felt to glide on the rails and bounce off the springs. I think this boss was really fun to fight. Good job!

I love it! The opening cutscene is awesome. I really liked the way you did the tutorial as well. As for the gameplay itself, the shooting and moving feel quite satisfying. The bosses attacks were well telegraphed and fun to dodge. I think a dodge roll would be nice though. 

There's a massive amount of polish here. So many effects! I love the plethora of different attacks Curt has. I found it pretty hard, but I'm glad you included an "assist mode." I think it would feel more fair if the lasers were more widely spaced out, as some of the gaps you had to squeeze through to fit in the laser areas were pretty small, and when combined with the other attacks, like the bullet wall, and the dropper guy, it could sometimes be unavoidable to take damage. I still really liked it though.

Nice! This was a fun little racing boss battle with some really fun mechanics. I liked the bubbles, as they could help you gain a lot of vertical height to get on those upper pathways without as many cogs. I also liked that you could jump on the rat. Not really much I would change here, but some music would be nice.

Great entry! Somehow managed to do this.

This is a really nice vampire survivor-esque game. The art looks good for the most part, other than the ui, and even though there is really heavy pixel scaling here I'll give it a pass since it doesn't really detract too much from the look of the game. As for the gameplay, I liked how you not only choose your power-ups but also your power-downs. It adds a lot of depth to the builds you can make. The bosses themselves are all unique. I like that they all have their own music themes. One small nitpick though, when you have a ton of the spread shot upgrade, it fires to the right of your mouse cursor and isn't centered. Really good entry though.

Finger gun animation was awesome. I think the shooting mechanics were really good as well. The design for the boss is quite unique. His attacks were a bit lackluster, but I think the game was still pretty fun anyways.

Everything here is so well made. The UI is good, the transitions look awesome, and the color changing you unlock is a nice touch. The pixel art is also fantastic. I think this is definitely taking top spot. Just awesome.

A really fun game with a load of awesome animations. Honestly one of my favorites from the jam and definitely a top 3 contender. It felt incredibly satisfying to pull off the combos, and hit the boss to the beat. I think the adaptive music was also a really nice choice here. Quite good.

Very stylized. I like it a lot. Not only is it fun, but it's also quite fun! I honestly don't have any suggestions for this game, because everything in it is really well done and deliberate. Good job.

10/10 honk

I enjoyed the dialogue changes, and the story fitting the mechanics. The slowing down time thing is also really nicely done. I also liked the music, and how it gets more intense as the fight goes on. However, I think the game is definitely really hard, mainly because it's difficult to get any hits on the boss. I think the main problem with the bosses difficulty is that the only time he stops shooting stuff is right after hes moved. This makes it feel a little luck-based on whether he'll move somewhere right next to you and let you get a hit, or move just far away enough so he'll start shooting again when you approach him. I would make it so he shoots, waits a second to let the player get some hits in, and then moves and repeats the cycle. Even though it was too hard for me, I do see a lot of potential in the game. The story is really interesting, and I would love to see it expanded.

This is a really good entry. I liked the hectic bullet patterns of the bosses, where they would start off pretty easy, and get challenging real fast. I think my favorite was the 4th boss, I really liked the push/pull mechanics, and I think it used them very well. I also really love the final boss and how it kind of ties back with the main mechanics of the game. I think the gun-making and mashing space rapidly to get as much damage in as possible is satisfying, but I do think it could be made even more satisfying. For example, if the player became invincible and had bullets bounce off of them while they have the gun, maybe even a music change. I also think it'd be nice if the scraps would spawn instantly after you pick one up, (although you'd have to give the bosses more health), so there's less waiting around and more go-pick-that-thing-up action. But, those are just some small things I noticed. Great work!

The twist of the boss actually being giant was really cool. I think having the bosses eyes look at you was a nice addition as well. My main complaint is that it seems luck can screw you over sometimes, when all the cannonballs bounce off into the water.

The art here is just all around awesome. The phase changing animations are really good. I think more telegraphing on the boss would be nice, because he kind of just slams down unexpectedly, which didn't feel too fair. Other than that, the mechanics and platforming were really good. So overall, awesome game.

I think you have the aesthetics nailed down. The combat system is a bit confusing at first, but pretty fun and satisfying once you get the hang of things.

The art is really good. Like, really good. I think the concept is also pretty intriguing. However, some of the bosses feel unfair. I think adding checkpoints between them could help a lot, so you could learn their attacks better. The first boss was pretty good. The skull car has an awesome design. However, you can get stuck between the wall and the car and basically just lose instantly, and it also doesn't have much telegraphing on it's attacks. The third phase was also pretty good, although the lasers made some hits impossible to avoid. However, on the 4th phase, I'm not quite sure how to dodge the hands, since the skull also hurts you, and there don't seem to be any spaces that you can fit through. Also, the player sometimes disappears for a bit when they take damage, which made it a bit confusing on where you are and caused me to lose a lot. While I personally found it too hard, I think if you decide to expand on this in a feature round, and fix up some of the issues, it could definitely be a really solid entry.

The pixel-perfect art is pretty good, as well as the control system. The atmosphere is also really nice, it was a little simple though.

The animations are cool, the voice acting is fun. Also the different bullet patterns were nice. The games feels a little prototype-y though. Also, the shield didn't seem to work sometimes, even when I had charge left.

Really fun. I liked the variance in attacks, which is one of the things I think makes for a good bossfight. A lot of the attacks also just looked pretty cool, like the one where the heart pieces come together in phase 2. I liked how the eye kept changing places so you had to track where to shoot him in the first phase, and I almost wish there was something like that kept for the second phase. Also, the W key doesn't really work as a jump key, I think that may be a bug.

I think this game is really well done in certain aspects but is a bit lacking in others. The TV screens in the back of the fight, for example, are really well done. Also, most of the art is really good with a nice color pallete. Especially all the backgrounds. However, there's a lot of inconsistent pixel scaling. I also liked the bosses meat boy-ish design, however he didn't really fit into the artstyle of the other sprites. I liked the story & voice acting and the ending was quite sad. As for the gameplay, the controls are kind of janky, and the animations don't always play properly. The hand's hitboxes are also a little too big. Overall, good game, but still needs a bit of polishing in some areas.

I liked the art. I think the bosses felt more or less the same, as they just dealt damage and not much else. Its pretty clear the focus was put more on what the player can do. However, I found the card mechanics quite fun to play with, and the variance in cards helps add to that. I think if you want to continue this, my advice would be to make the player be able to save cards across turns, so you could do things like save good cards for another turn, and also have enemies interact with the cards (ex. poison apple guy poisoning some of your cards so they cost health to use) which I think could help expand the system even further. But still, the game is awesome! Great job.

The collage artstyle really sets this apart from other entries. Also, the puzzle mechanics are fun and work pretty well. Only thing I'd change is pointing out that you click on the pieces to rotate them.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! The "story" is told through the voices that fade in every so often. You may have accidentally turned that off, that's what the "The Voices" setting in the menu means.

The narrative was interesting, I liked the piano level. Some of the art was a bit wonky in terms of pixel scale, but I really liked the colors and simple vibe you were going for with it. Good game.

The portals look really cool. The audio mechanics are interesting, but I feel that they could have been expanded on a bit more. For example, maybe having multiple endings, and different paths instead of one "right" choice every time.