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I did really like the game. I think it would be even superior if I was able to use for example a controller. Due to the nature of the jam though, I find this controller scheme understandable. Graphics are superb and so is the presentation, good job!

Clown outdid me, but the game was fun and looked beautiful! Great job!

Man, I wish I do not die like Jimmothy did!

The enemies are quite strong! Or then my aim is bad! Nice and cool story regardless!

Quite Addictive!

Pretty awesome!

Beautifully crafted puzzle game. I was hoping for more creativity because now it only seems like the "roll" is a very bad choosing mechanic. Puzzles were interesting, and the game could function better without the roll mechanic.

I have no idea :D maybe due to the lack of VR games? 

Was fun to work on this! Can you add my profile as a contributor?

Very cute! Nice <3

Reminded me of the old adventure games. I was not able to solve the puzzle. But I had fun regardless!

I liked the puzzles a lot! Good job!

Hi! I'm sorry it was a nauseating experience. What was it that made it nauseating for you?

Hail stan! This was a heap of fun to play!

Compared to the screenshots it seems like some stuff was missing. I was playing on Oculus Rift S and was missing the skybox, fishing line and other components. Not sure if I just didn't know or understand how to start the game correctly. I will get back to this at a later point still in near future to figure it out

This was a very Kaiju experience! I rate it 5 lizards out of 5!

I'm still growing my sealegs for VR so the movement felt a little bad, but regardless the game was fun. I just didn't notice the helicopter on the first time until it was too late :D

I want a full version of this! Loved pretty much everything, just some polish left and you can ship it to be sold! 

Nice gameplay and very cool aesthetics! Liked it a lot! 

If Lord Of The Rings was a modern day movie about cookies, this is what it would look like! Had a plethora of fun testing this!

Okay so, didn't destroy my controller! But definitely had to swing my hand like a beast. Which was scary! Regardless the game is definitely original. Now the question is, how does this fit with the theme? In my opinion to a certain extent, but it's not too apparent at least. Would've had more fun if the throwing power needed was not so ridiculously high

Next time I want to be a cocoon of a butterfly! This was a lot of fun tho!

Thanks for the feedback and I am glad you played my game <3

I'm sorry the tracking from the Oculus didn't work perfectly, I tried to make it as easy as possible. However I think there's a possibility that I didn't understand how to set up the tracking in the best possible way. Maybe next time I will put a tracker spot on where to watch to start the game and then start the logic for the headset tracking from there. 

Anyway, a great experience for me as this is my first VR game I've developed, hopefully it was somewhat fun for you too :) 

Thanks! Yeah I guess my Fiancée also had the most fun yeeting cars off the bridge. If only I knew how to handle pathfinding and physics simultaneously in a proper manner! :D

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I definitely left the sound side lacking. This was mostly due to me learning how to do basic programming, and as the spawners and pathfinding was causing me trouble enough by themselves, I didn't think I'd have the time to add lists of voices to the gameobjects even if it would heavily serve the game feel.

Basic jam experience as far as I'm concerned :D This means the audio is missing/majorly lacking even if the visuals are cool. Maybe next time I'll focus heavily on the audio side and less on the visuals, and after I have the tools to do both fast, will iterate accordingly.

Again, thanks for the feedback <3

This is definitely one of the projects that's originality is through the roof. As Bob Ross would've said: "This is your world, you're the creator. Find freedom on this canvas"

Big up! Great work!

Felt nice and good! Well done!


  • Use your headset to lift up bridges by raising your head
  • Let cars pass by the bridge to walmart and back from there
  • Make sure that boats get through too
  • Aim for high score

Thank you for this opportunity to participate into the Jam! We purchased a VR headset quite a while ago with my fiancée, but had never tried making a game for it. My first Oculus experience was a lot less painful than I thought. Nevertheless, I doubt I would not have touched the whole thing if this Jam wasn't happening! Here's a screenshot of what I was able to accomplish! #feelsgood
So again! Thanks! Can't wait to play all of your games.