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Oh nice!

For the tea time mini-game, it was when I play several times the mini-game on the same day and I click on nothing. I don’t know if this will help you ^^’ (Oh, btw, maybe add a chronometer/a timeout will be helpful for knowing when it’s the end of the mini-game!)

The concept is interesting! Play seven characters was a great idea! I took me time to figure out how it works, but it’s okay! :) (I agree with the other reviews about the difficulty at the start of the game)

The game was fun! It was a bit hard for me because I didn’t have a QWERTY keyboard, but it’s okay :) Fortunately, it was not the main controls.

I really like this adventure. Find the seven gems was a good idea!

Oh, also, moving boulders was unpredictable ^^’

Anyway, thank you for this moment!

Wow! I am currently developing a visual novel, so when I see the thumbnail, I was really hype by this game! OoO

I see 7 everywhere! Aaaaaaah! Nice job!

The story was cute and fun. I really appreciate the moment when the princess said she could be a mathematician or an engineer instead of getting married! I was like “YEAH! Go for it my girl!”

You did a great job! That’s a lot of work there!!!! OoO

I don’t know if you will update a non-game jam version, but here are some bugs I found in the web version:

  • in the mini-game where the princess visits citizens, I can go outside the screen 😈
  • in the tea time mini-game, I run into an infinite loop (I don’t know how I end up like this, but it’s when I play several times this mini-game) Anyway, it’s just some details…

I was happy to play this game! So thank you!

Ohw, so sweet! Thank you! We are happy you have some fun with our little game ^-^

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Woah! Animations are so smooth :o The physics on tomatoes are well-done! OoO Mixing two game mechanics is a great idea!!! It was fun! I laugh when I heard sound effects like “aaaah”, “eeeh”, “ouch”. Thank you for this moment 🤣

NB: There are some differences between the HTML version and the Win version 🤔 (shadows, Instagram button for instance). Maybe, it’s because of Unity 🤣

Yay \o/ I am glad you enjoy it!

Thank you for your feedback! We are still newbies with Unity, so thank you very much for the tips! It will help us a lot!

The game is so cute! The music is really catchy! I love it! :D

The game is so cute! I really love the concept :D The visitor reminds me kodamas from Princess Mononoke, haha

Graphics are nice! It took me time to understand how to play, but, when I figured out, it was fun! :)

Ps: Buttons are not color-blind friendly, adding icons on it would be great :D

It’s colorful and cute! Really love the art :)

The art is so beautiful! It’s a pleasant game! Jellies are cute!

OMG! That’s a lot of work there! :o The hand-drawn assets are just awesome! 🤩 Music and gameplay are cool! Great job! It’s a clean game :o

Maybe, if we put more challenges such as traps or stuff like that, it will be more awesome! Besides, for the ones who don’t have a qwerty keyboard, maybe it is interesting to implement arrow keys for the movement in addition to the famous WASD(+QE)

Oh! Thanks for the feedback! You’re right!

In the beginning, we were thinking to put clefs like it is in a partition. But, it was too hard for us to play, haha. So, we just put a rotation on it. 🤣 Yeah, we should have to position them like it is in a piano!

Thanks! :D

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Ohw, thank you! >w<

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I really love the graphics! The game is neat and well done! It was fun! :D Just a detail, in some parts, I misunderstood what I have to do… 🥺 especially the one with snails and the one with goats, sorry 😢

Wow! So much work in this game :o Music is really dynamic! Thumb up for the musician! 👍

The game is neat. Good job! Maybe, it would be interesting to know the cost of each item. Reducing the time of each level or adding a skip/speed button would be great as well :)

Oh nice! Thanks! Finally, I can play it! It was really challenging! :o

Ps: I am not a monster D:

Nice use of the limitation! :O 3D models are neat!

The gameplay is like we have to keep an eye on “baby” orcs. “Naaaaah don’t go there!” “Naaaah don’t kill your friend” “Naaaah don’t eat too much”

Good job! :D

It was an interesting visual novel! The presentation is neat! Goob job! :)

Nope, I couldn’t. I closed and opened it again.

But it was not a big issue for me because it was a gamejam game :)

Nice golf game! Graphics and music rock!

Graphics, music, sound effects… ALL! All was great! I really love the way how you manage the jump and how the guy goes to the sky when we change the level, haha

I believe I can flyyyy! Woops, sorry… This was what I though when the dough jumped :D It was a funny and simple game! Animations music and sound effects are well done!

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Well use of the limitation! Graphics and sounds are neat! This game was cute, original and challenging!

Graphics are amazing! I like the sound effects as well! :)

This snake game is neat! Good job! :D

Btw, bring back the E of SNAK! :D

Argh, even if there was a chat, I am not good in cookies and cakes investments, haha.

Art and sound are neat! :)

I took me time to understand if I was selling or buying cookies/cakes, but it was a nice game :)

Good job!

When I see the boi, I already love it, haha! It’s a great rhythm game! The “progressive” music is so neat! Art and graphics are pleasant and beautiful! :D Even if the boi is cute, I prefered the onigri one :D Great job!

Graphics are so cuuuuuuute! Music is great as well! It was an interesting game! :D

This game is relaxing. I really enjoy the music!

The concept reminded me when I was young… The time when I was counting the number of red cars passing by my street, haha!

Original concept! It would be fun for children! Graphics are great as well ! For the wait time, it is hard to find a good timing. I guess it really depends on the player :)

WOW! The game is neat and so smooth :O

It was simple but I really enjoyed it! Graphics and music are great!

During the game, I was like: “I WILL SURVIVE”/“Naaaah, don’t approach me!” Haha

Oh, nice! Thank you for this update!

The game was kinda hard and challenging! Good job! :D

This is so cute! Art and music are neat! Great job! The game is quite hard and punishing but it’s okay :)

The 3D models are amazing!

Great use of the limitation! The game was interesting! I saw an invisible wall for clearing the level 2. It was confusing at the beginning but it seemed legit if we want to clear the level :)

The story is original. It is great to see there is a final scene, haha! The graphics are cool! I really love the photo at the menu.

An original music or a non-copyrighted music would be great! It was kinda annoying hearing “”. But it is just a detail!

The game is neat.

I really enjoy the intro! It was refreshing.

Art and music are cool! The concept is original. However, it was kinda fast for me to grab all candies, haha.

The 3D world and models are awesome! :O This game is cool! Great job! Love the cat button! I didn’t expect this, haha!

Ohw! Thank you for the feedback!