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Oh man, that's a really good point, I'll definitely put more effort into making it resizable next time.

These mechanics work really well together, it's a pretty seamless hybrid. The game is challenging and fun :)

Lots of potential, the art style is nice, I especially like the water tiles.

This is brilliant, love the style, love the dialogue, love the puzzles, great work!

I also ran into the same error after completing level 3, but loading level 4 from the menu is a fine workaround.

Cool game, it's super satisfying to close off huge areas. I though I had a guaranteed win against my opponent but I ended up losing 145-143 :(

This is really neat, I like how the difficulty changes as you get further, it means you have to switch up your tactics!

This is really sweet, I love the aesthetic, it's very consistent and immersive.

Love it! So much fun, the boss is super hard!

Love the maze, had a lot of fnu working omy way through it. Unfortunately the beast was camping in a corridor and I died trying to get past :)

Thanks, I had a great time making it.

100% realistic guaranteed :D

Haha that's a really smart tactic!

The music is from here:

This is such a cool idea for a game, I love the speed dial movement when you get past the first upgrade. I had no idea how much time delay there would be! Super awesome!

Haha I increased the delay while I was tuning the game because I thought it would be to easy otherwise! Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it :D


This is a really cool game, I love the style and the puzzles are really engaging. Every now and then I could feel inputs being ignored or duplicated which was frustrating, I would want to turn 90 degrees but would turn 180 instead and accidentally see the other cubito :(

Still, had lots of fun playing it, great job!

Oh man this game is awesome! I love the space coloured snake, the controls took a minute to sink in but became very intuitive, the music is nice and the game is addictive. Well done!

LOVE the music. Super fun game, the time stopping is really cool and very useful.

I found the enemies a liottle hard to see with all the stars moving about, it might be good to make them a bit more visible.

This is super cool! I love the ice skating sound effects, especially the skid to stop and change direction! Took a while to get used to the controls, but I really appreciate that you can change them from the defaults, very nice touch.

Not bad! Are the levels continuously generated?

Super cool game! Having the tutorials as tweets is definitely interesting, but I found that I kept not noticing them before they got pushed down by ohters.

I would be great to have some instructions on how to play, I definitely found it a little confusing at first. It's kind of addictive after a while, I played for longer than I thought I would :)

The graphics are nice and I like the music! The gameplay didn't keep me super engaged after the first minute though.