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Kevin Loring

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I'm unfamiliar with discord. but you can email me at

Thanks you guys rock!

I love doing database work. I'm fluent in sql. I have years of experience formatting data and setting up systems and interfaces. I can do pretty much anything with MS SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, SQLite, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV/TXT and more. I can easily convert data, automate data functions. I have created more than 25+ database driven apps for companies world-wide.

I accept PAYPAL. I live in Bangor, Maine USA! Super Affordable! High Quality, FULL SUPPORT!

Working alone is fun and all but being a part of something bigger and achieving more than we could imagine! I'm not great with animations in android yet but... I AM highly proficient at databases. Anyways, I hope there are more people like me in the world. I'd hate to think I'm all alone.

You Rock! TY so much!

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We set the Quantity to 1 and use the //rolld20 feature to RPG via SMS! LOL

Yea! To be honest, I have a pixel hearts tattoo from old nes zelda on my chest. Pixel art tattoos are actually becoming a trend due to the cool factor of retro gaming and the nostalgia old school gamers have for the "classics".

Enjoy it was fun! Hit me up anytime!

Take a photo, use a mosaic / tile filter, then recreate image as pixel art and animate from there. I also like gradually reducing image sizes in sequence to break them down to more or less pixelized versions which can help make it less overwhelming.

Maybe fireworks would be a better example than flowers, shading the clouds above & below. :)

I'm old school, started with MS Paint back in 94, everything was pretty much pixel art. animated gifs were all the rage. Good luck with your projects! Hit me up anytime!

Make your own retro video game cartoon. Animate a scene from Galaga, duck hunter or maybe ninja gaiden from scratch.

You could always try animating more indepth art such as closeups of flowers blooming during sunrise. Alot of potential for creative lighting.

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I used to love watching animated stick figures fight. Perhaps you could animate a miniature pixel guy battle on a 256x256 square or smaller.

2) Try creating an underwater coral reef scene. The colors and animations are more difficult to create, great practice.

3) Remake ANY 70/80/90's music video in pixel animation! Tiny music videos would be rediculously adorable and unique. Maybe display maybe local talent, animate them as pixel dudes jamming perhaps.

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Tell me where your from! I wanna know all about my fans! Post a reply to sign my guestbook!

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Home of The Maine Lobster Festival!

When: August 2-6

Where: Harbor Park in Rockland, Maine!

Find, Like & Share on Facebook!

Ok, so... my first and most memorable experience was at Governor's in Old Town, Maine. They set the bar pretty high on what a real Maine Lobster Roll is all about!

My family as a whole absolutely love the Lobster Pound In Trenton. Trenton has some of the most talented lobster chefs. The Lobster Pound itself exemplifies the simple yet elegant beauty of fresh, perfectly cooked lobster.

If you know of a good deal on fresh Maine lobster, tell us!

We need to know! Tell us about one of your favorite lobster meal experiences. Pay homage to the great culinary lobster artists here!

We want to recognize those who put their lives on hold to make ours more delicious! If you fish for Maine lobster commercially, please post a link and tell us about yourself!

If you are a lobster distributor please post a link to your website and tell us a little about yourself!

If you have Maine lobster on your menu, please post a link to your business here!

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Please feel free to post lobster facts here. I will consider them in updates!

I don't know everything, nor do I think my ideas are always the best. If you have an idea, I want to hear it! Help me make this the best Lobster Translator ever!

The entire point of the app to create a fun way to educate people and promote Maine's hardworking people and businesses. Maine puts in a hard days work each and every day. From the lobster captains and deckhands to the dedicated restaurants and waitstaff, Maine's lobster industry doesn't happen by accident.

Yes, this app is a bit cheesy but it's fun, family friendly and free to use! Feel free to print the QR Code and use it anyway you like! Place it on your lobster tank to create an interactive buzz! Even if they NEVER use the app again, they will remember their trip to your business and learn fun facts about Maine Lobster along the way! It's a true win/win!

I look forward to working with lobster related businesses and service providers to enhance your customer's Maine Lobster experience!

This app will always be free!

Nice work!

I think this is neat!

Ha! That's awesome!


Killer concept!

Finally released! Turns any android phone into a geo tracking device capable of broadcasting geo location data to any web server via authenticated HTTP GET requests.

That means that you can log or display vehicle tracking data on your website! Imagine being able to see every city bus where it actually is on google maps in almost real-time?

Yup, the app sends the data, your website can do an impressive array of public & private options, set it up anyway you like. HTTP can be disabled to use app as intercom or personal safety monitor.

I made this with bus drivers in mind and packed it with amazing features such as a Security Camera, PA System, 3 customizable Pre-Recorded Public Service Announcements, a Panic Button w dial 911 prompt and automatic sms alerts w geo data, and so much more!

My plan is to package it w hardware bundles and setup trials on local community bus.

Would work well for Uber/Lyft drivers, def meant for dedicated device w bluetooth speaker for PA & PSA systems.

:) Cant wait to get on Google Play! Sounds like fun, how about we bundle "What A Game" w either Love Bot or 99 Bottles?

Im open to any ideas which help us all achieve our goals.

If you think we could be a good fit, I'm all ears! :)

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Hey everyone!

Hoping to find a few other developers or publishers who would like to create bundles of software together. I now have 10 android app titles with more on the way.

I create AD-Free SMS apps/games for Android. Mostly just silly ways to annoy your friends. I also make killer geo tracking apps!

I even created the Official Maine Lobster Translator! NEW!

I'd love to start setting up bundles of software with other developers for profit sharing and co-promotion. Let's talk shop! I know my apps may be fairly simple, but they are extremely user friendly, ad-free and add incredible value (both actual and perceived) to your already outstanding work.

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Hi! My name is Kevin. I'm a programmer/developer from Bangor, Maine USA!

Please try my new app, Ninety Nine Bottles! This fun android app allows you to send each verse of the drinking song, "99 Bottles of Beer", as an SMS text message!

Simple to use! Select a recipient, click send! You can even adjust the time between SMS messages.

Requires a device with active SMS service and may incur additional cost from your provider. As such... I DO NOT recommend using the app unless you have an unlimited texting plan from your cellular provider.

Please feel free to like & rate us on Facebook!

Our website, FAQ and other related materials can be found at

Thank you so much!

Kevin Loring