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Promoting Maine and it's rich lobster history Sticky

A topic by Kevin Loring created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 104
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The entire point of the app to create a fun way to educate people and promote Maine's hardworking people and businesses. Maine puts in a hard days work each and every day. From the lobster captains and deckhands to the dedicated restaurants and waitstaff, Maine's lobster industry doesn't happen by accident.

Yes, this app is a bit cheesy but it's fun, family friendly and free to use! Feel free to print the QR Code and use it anyway you like! Place it on your lobster tank to create an interactive buzz! Even if they NEVER use the app again, they will remember their trip to your business and learn fun facts about Maine Lobster along the way! It's a true win/win!

I look forward to working with lobster related businesses and service providers to enhance your customer's Maine Lobster experience!

This app will always be free!