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Need Ideas To Improve My Pixel Art

A topic by Snipper Joey created Mar 19, 2017 Views: 354 Replies: 10
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I'm a pixel artist and an animator. However, I don't consider myself to be that good. In order to improve, I thought I should practice more, but unfortunately I can't think of anything to draw or animate. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should draw or animate? If you want, I could make something for a project or something. Pls halp.

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I used to love watching animated stick figures fight. Perhaps you could animate a miniature pixel guy battle on a 256x256 square or smaller.

2) Try creating an underwater coral reef scene. The colors and animations are more difficult to create, great practice.

3) Remake ANY 70/80/90's music video in pixel animation! Tiny music videos would be rediculously adorable and unique. Maybe display maybe local talent, animate them as pixel dudes jamming perhaps.


Those are some pretty good ideas. I'll tell you if I get around to doing one of them.

You could always try animating more indepth art such as closeups of flowers blooming during sunrise. Alot of potential for creative lighting.


I dunno about that. I find lighting to be basically impossible for me unless it's basically like one part of the object being lighter and one being darker.

Take a photo, use a mosaic / tile filter, then recreate image as pixel art and animate from there. I also like gradually reducing image sizes in sequence to break them down to more or less pixelized versions which can help make it less overwhelming.

Maybe fireworks would be a better example than flowers, shading the clouds above & below. :)

I'm old school, started with MS Paint back in 94, everything was pretty much pixel art. animated gifs were all the rage. Good luck with your projects! Hit me up anytime!


I'll try. Thanks for all of your ideas and support.

Make your own retro video game cartoon. Animate a scene from Galaga, duck hunter or maybe ninja gaiden from scratch.


So like Dorkly? That sounds pretty cool. Thanks for all of your suggestions. If there's anything I could assist you with (or try to, at least), I'd love to.

Yea! To be honest, I have a pixel hearts tattoo from old nes zelda on my chest. Pixel art tattoos are actually becoming a trend due to the cool factor of retro gaming and the nostalgia old school gamers have for the "classics".

Enjoy it was fun! Hit me up anytime!


Oh really? I didn't know about that trend. It sounds awesome! Much better than regular tattoos. I'll be sure to contact you if I'm having trouble with something. :P