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SafeTransit HTTP Fleet Tracker

A topic by Kevin Loring created Mar 17, 2017 Views: 111
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Finally released! Turns any android phone into a geo tracking device capable of broadcasting geo location data to any web server via authenticated HTTP GET requests.

That means that you can log or display vehicle tracking data on your website! Imagine being able to see every city bus where it actually is on google maps in almost real-time?

Yup, the app sends the data, your website can do an impressive array of public & private options, set it up anyway you like. HTTP can be disabled to use app as intercom or personal safety monitor.

I made this with bus drivers in mind and packed it with amazing features such as a Security Camera, PA System, 3 customizable Pre-Recorded Public Service Announcements, a Panic Button w dial 911 prompt and automatic sms alerts w geo data, and so much more!

My plan is to package it w hardware bundles and setup trials on local community bus.

Would work well for Uber/Lyft drivers, def meant for dedicated device w bluetooth speaker for PA & PSA systems.