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Hello, I need to push bug fixes to my game. and the jam is preventing me from doing so. Kindly understand that some of us might be planning on keeping updating their games after  the jam is over. A streamer is going to play my game shortly and I'd like him to to have access to the latest bug fixes.

If the restriction cannot be changed. I will be forced to withdraw my game from the jam.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for the clarification! this is valuable information. I don't think I'm planning on changing this puzzle right now but if more people turn out to share your feelings on it I'll definitely consider it some more.

how is this 852MB !

Very interesting twist on minesweeper! Art is very pleasing and the gameplay is simple and easy to understand.

couple things I'll suggest:

  • Introduce the same mechanic as minesweeper while exploring, letting the player know if enemies are nearby, making it easier to decide when to explore versus when to fight
  • adding an equipment system and treasures or drops to be found to spice things up
  • maybe make your odds of hitting an enemy in combat more obvious, same as odds of an enemy hitting you.

I guess the big thing I'd like to see is giving more information to the player, since this is a kind of puzzle/strategy game, as a player I'd want as much information as possible to decide what my next move is going to be, instead of trying something and then finding out the result. like when I went to fight the reaper, I wondered if I was strong enough to beat him. I think if I knew my odds right from the start it would have made the fight more exciting knowing, for example, I only had 20% chance of beating him without dying.

In conclusion, very elegant twist on minesweeper and the game has definitely potential. It's simple, fun and easy to pickup. Looking forwards to the next updates!

>Do you mean more often, or better quality loot? On hard you get better quality loot more often.
I mean maybe have more variety in the stats on the loot you find. from what I've played, loot progression seems pretty linear. if you had lets say an amor that gave more magic power or more attack speed in the same tier, it could give more room for building the character you want. maybe you do have more variety like this but I haven't seen it.

>-Mysteries Of Mystic Cultists-
maybe just tell the player in which area the quest needs to be completed? I can see someone spending a lot of time in an area thinking this is where the quest happens when in fact it's on another floor. just an idea, I understand how cryptic quests can be fun.

>how about instead of locking you out, they make you lose a chunk of the hunger meter?
that's actually a great idea! the end result would be almost exactly the same but minus the waiting.

Man this game is really cool. I really like the quest system you put in there and the different maps. really helps with the world building. I died once and then rolled firestarter, which carried me through the game up to floor 5 where I stopped. Hopefully I can find some new skills for him.

I have a feeling firestarter is OP? because I really breezed through all the levels with him. throw fire, hide, repeat. I'll have to see once I die and pick another class.

Here are some minor things I think you could improve on. but I really had fun playing the game.

  • Lighting is a little bit weird and I think the transition to lit/unlit could happen more smoothly.
  • first person camera is pretty low, making you feel like you're crouching or 3 feet tall
  • some corridors feel pretty tight sometimes, mostly the 1 block wide ones.
  • pickups could be more exciting, but I like the notes you find
  • areas could have more doodads and things in them for world building
  • it would be fun to have levels that aren't just 1 flat plane
  • the later quests could have clearer objectives ( Mystery of fireballs, Mystic Cultists)
  • could use display options like fullscreen and borderless

Here's my guy after maybe an hour or two? I feel like I played a good amount.

But yeah, really cool game! excited to see it finished!

I played this game for a good 45 min. Pretty fun. I definitely dig the vibe of it and the music is perfect. I think there could be improvements to the hitboxes and the kockback.

I never could quite figure out the hit timing to safely dispatch enemies. sometimes I'll get a really good attempt and breeze through the first couple screens of the east wing. Others I'll get demolished by the first ghost just because I didn't time my hits properly.

This is really my main issue with the game. Like with the big guys that run at you, often they'll just slightly brush agaisn't you and that'll make you take damage.  I haven't played the original zelda in a really long time so I can't say if this is how it was in it. but I think the game would really benefit from trying to make things more predictable.

Someone mentioned the original YS games and it's true it does remind me of those a little bit. but at least with the bump system, if you were facing an enemy and attacking, you were pretty much safe from harm. Here with the not always accurate timing I'll often take damage just because the enemy didn't get kockbacked enough.

The solution could be making it so that enemies can only inflict damage in an attack stage and hitting them with your sword cancel that attack. Or maybe increasing the knockback so that you don't run into situations where you hit an enemy but still take a hit because he kept running into you.

Now for the more positive stuff. I really liked the enemy variety in this. they all feel unique and you learn pretty quickly the strategy to take them on. I only managed to reach the kind of scyth ghost screen once but clearing a screen without taking damage feels very good. I like how you keep the stuff you pickup when you die (also as a reminder of how much I suck).

I ran into 1 bug while playing and it was when I died at the same time as clearing a room. the next time I got to that room, it was empty. which made me very happy but I don't think that was intended behavior :^)

Healing with C could have been explained, also starting the game at the smallest screen size probably not the best idea. they weren't big deals for me because I figured them out quickly but it's definitely something you want to make clearer. Ah and the tips when you die, loved it.

I wish I could have seen more of the game because I really had fun playing and I was pretty excited to see the crafting system. but I think it's just too hard at the moment and I don't have time to grind it some more.

keep an eye on the google play store! Thanks a lot for playing! glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Hit detection is definitely going back to the drawing board.

number 2 might be hard to implement, but I hear your frustration. it's similar to how you could accidentally click the play again button by accident at the end of an intense round. I'll play around with solutions tho.

I see the issue you have with the ladybugs and you're raising a very good point with the non-interactivity. they're supposed to kill you later on. but also I see how they could be implemented in a funner way than stopping you from playing for 5 seconds.

as always, thank you for playing!

that was the initial idea, but then I figured it wouldn't be very frog like. also, I am NOT a voice actor.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! sometimes, it's ok to eat them!

bless the frog jam for making me make this.

Thank you for playing!

really glad you think this way. I'm indeed planning on developing the idea further. I think it could be an amazing mobile game as well.

Thanks a lot for playing!

BGM is definitely on the TODO list, just sadly didn't have time to get that for the demo. as for the stars, I've just added a feature where when you get close to them they fly to you, essentially increasing their pickup range. and I also hopefully fixed the turret sound bug.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Thank you! I'm glad it kept you playing despite you being fed up of metroidvanias. I'm hoping this game can bring something new and fresh to the metroidvania table but while still staying close to what makes a metroidvania great.

Thank you for playing! ESA is definitely a big inspiration, specially in the way it makes the station seems so alive. Compared to lets say metroid where most things just seem there to be a challenge.

I'll definitely stick with the more detailed audio, because indeed, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have somewhat abstract graphics with abstract sounds.

I'll have to take a look at the first boss RNG again. I also found that he does the homing lasers way too often.

Thanks! I think sometimes I go a little bit TOO heavy on the dialogue. but I do want to make it at least some interesting part of the game. Cave Story is what I'm going for dialogue wise. Where it's not constantly bombarding you, but is there to get the story moving along.

That boss bug is absolutely crazy, I'll have to investigate that. and yeah the elevator I need to figure it out better, no idea why it's causing so much trouble in the release build.

Thanks for playing!

ahah thanks for the kind words! The puzzle isn't very hard tho. are you saying that because you find it boring?

It feels like you move faster when going down a slop than when you move normally or go up a slope. Felt a bit odd.

I never noticed, thanks for pointing it out, I'll investigate this.

I found a glitch, where if I opened a door while a slug was crawling up it, the slug would fly over to the next wall.

yeah, it's a pretty silly bug, and you're right on why it's happening. I kinda like how goofy it looks. so it'll probably stay in the game. I like the idea of the slugs doing a full 180 and turning into face huggers for like 3 seconds.

The ability to look up or down while standing still would be nice.

you mean the camera? if so that's a good idea, I'll add it to the list.

be nice if they died once they hit you

I've thought about this. I'll try it honestly, it's true it can be annoying when a fly is stuck to you and you didn't notice. I'm kind of in the situation where the flies feel good to me, but only because I've had to deal with them so often. I guess this is why player feedback is so important.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and playing the game!

The flies are indeed hard. they'll definitely be tweaked somehow, or at least this area of the game. The very narrow space and the insane amount of flies isn't a very good introduction to them. Even tho you can walk past them, this is really not a reflex most people have. and not one I want them to have either.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! and yes it definitely has some ESA inspiration! but hopefully less cryptic.

Thanks for the feedback!

I do have a tendency to write long dialogue. I'll definitely need to stay aware of this further on.
For the double jump, the reason you keep it, lore wise, is that when you die, you don't actually die. you just  get teleported to safety. And the double jump upgrade is registered with the teleporter so it stays with you. now gameplay wise, it gives you a chance to go grab upgrades in case you're really having an hard time with the boss. and you HAVE to beat him to progress the story, he unlocks the next area of the game.

- too much text up front, if the player goal is not in the first two sentences, I'm skipping all text until I'm invested in the game, which I'm not on start

I understand how you feel, I have a tendency to write long dialogue. The game introduction will be a nice little cutscene later on. I just didn't have time to add it in for the demo.

- if arrows aren't used for anything in game, support both them and wasd, even if you prefer one of them

you can remap keys in the options.

- pressing down for prompts is odd, isn't it usually up?

that's pretty suggestive but thank you for pointing it out.

- no idea what the "40" means when you kill something, since the counter counts the stars you collect

maybe it is a little odd to have damage numbers when you insta kill something. the reason they're there however is to indicate when an enemy isn't taking damage. since a lot of them have mechanics where you need to hit their weak spot.

- expected alt+enter for fullscreen

good point. I'll add this to the todo.

Got to the double jump, got disappointed it's the most generic possible method of progression, boss made it better, but I quit the game after being respawned all the way at the start for losing.

I'm not sure why you're disappointed. a double jump is pretty much a staple of metroidvanias, plus they feel good to use. now for the respawn thing, a lot of people seem to be walking right pass the save points. which by the way, there are 2 before the first boss. now this is more an issue to fix on my side. I think I'll have to move the first one maybe at the top of the first jump quest. that way it can act as a quick access to the boss once you get the double jump. I tried making them more noticeable by adding "S" next to their rooms. but apparently I also need to put them right in  your face so there is no chance you miss them and get the chance  to associate the "S" with a save point.

Thanks for the feedback! hopefully you play some more and reach the end. I'm sure you'd enjoy it. but please, don't skip the text :^)

Yeah this bug is a really odd one. I want to say it's a Godot thing since my camera doesn't have anything special going with it. I'll definitely try to investigate it after I get back from my fishing trip. it's just a tricky thing to debug since it seems to only happen in the release build of the game and it doesn't throw any error.

rebooting the game fixes it. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing Jimpa! would you believe me if I told you their collision is already round? I greatly appreciate your feedback!

very excited to try this once I'm on my windows PC

I really like the concept behind the game by the way. whenever I finish Luna I'd like to do something similar.

I wish there was more tooltips and feedback when you played the game. kinda hard to know what you can click or what does what. also kinda funny how the book says you die when you open it even if you're still alive. must have clicked restart at least 3 times until I realized it said that no matter what.

I dig the aesthetic and music of this game. but I feel most aspect of the game need improvements. like how your gun shoots a bit off the crosshair ( maybe this is a bug? I'm on linux). The player hitbox feels like it could be a little smaller. after I killed the first gunslinger the game just stayed on that screen for probably a whole minute before moving on the the second level. the second level it's sometimes hard to see the enemies because of the dark circle in the middle. I also wish the death animation wasn't so long when you die from a bullet as when it happens you just want to get back in quickly. which brings me to checkpoints. maybe have some every screen? it's sometimes frustrating when you die have to go back from the beginning. checkpoints are maybe  not the solution however and improving other aspects of the game might not make them required.

Still despite all  this, I enjoyed this quirky little game thanks to it's unique feel.

no worries, a friend also ran into it so I was able to reproduce it.

Hello ! I have fixed the turret bug. a real crazy one.

this sounds like an insane bug, I'd love to see a video of it. are you playing on OSX?

oh by the way. you can remap keys in the options. but I guess maybe that wasn't clear.

Set in a dystopian oligarchic future where artificial intelligence regularly go rogue. Play as a corporate sanctioned AI decommissioner tasked with reaching and rebooting AIs once the inevitable happens.

Armed with your trusty MK. I laser explore a sprawling station filled with many secrets on this job that is turning out to be unlike any other previous one.

This is a demo I've been working on for a couple months now. extremely excited to finally be able to show it off to the world. All assets are made by me from scratch. Looking forwards to your comments!

Play the exciting demo of this newly release metroidvania today!

Thanks for the great feedback! and making me realize I pushed a debug build!! those errors should now be hidden.

this is truly a precious comment.

Cheers for the nice comment. and yes. this is ripe for a mobile port!

absolutely amazing.

how would that work?