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1 hour left. Good luck all!

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Brilliant idea for remembering keyboard-shortcuts. Honestly think you could win this thing! Proud to say I knew a bunch of the keys before needing to look at the how-to.

See if y'all can get in the top 10 on Baby Bones' Last Skate!

Absolutely loved the beginning where the lights flash on slowly. Nice touch. Interesting and challenging game.

Amazing sounds and visuals. Funny concept. Nice!

Cool concept. I got the need for speed! Need to go faster!

The link isn't working for me. You linked to localhost:50047 I think you may need a different one.

Very cool and spooky. I like how the story progresses the further you go. Needs a sprint option because the walking is a little slow. Amazing job!

Nice idea. Copy, paste, delete. I like it.

Thank you! Pro tip: Skele-flip gives you a little extra boost in the air.

You guys are funny. Thanks for playing and doing the video. Glad you were able to reach 200!

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The points are on a timer every half second you get a point and new cars spawn. It gets faster when you have >= 150, more cars and more points while alive. My absolute best is about 250.  If you're really struggling you can cheat and edit the config.cfg file in the game folder. 

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Lol this was great thanks for doing it. You have to score 200 to unlock No Damage High Impact mode. It's pretty entertaining to send the cars flying but no challenge.

Strangely addictive. Good visuals, nice job.

Very nice aesthetic. What's the secret to killing those things? Will you be releasing the project files?

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Sorry about that. I haven't tested the Mac or Linux releases. It looks like you can install UNRAR on Linux to extract the files. 

sudo apt-get install unrar
Then right click to extract.
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My game doesn't follow the theme at all but I'm going to update it and add a chance for a flat tire. So at least I'll have one wildcard. Cool submissions so far.

Love these. Really small but even when you zoom on them they look good. Worth the money. Thanks.

Thank you! The boost is to reach worms a little quicker. It consumes an energy, so not much point, but it's an option.

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Like the music, movement and collisions are good. The background needs adjustment and the game could be more challenging.

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Finally found a way to represent water using a GitHub repo for Love2D:

Worms fall in and create a ripple. Boosting forward creates a ripple. Moving mouse over top of water makes a bunch of ripples.

Sound, music, graphics, love it. Takes some getting used to, I can't seem to live the whole 180. Most I get is about 11. Love the hot chocolate shooter, prefect theme for the season. Need a way to stand still because I kept running into the yeti's.

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Appreciate it. Here's the latest: 

It's 3 energy to escape hooks

1 Energy to boost forward

Eat 1 worm = 1 Energy

Sometimes you have to intentionally get hooked, and use energy to get away.  So it's important to eat worms and keep it above 3 minimum. 

Distance & Worms Eaten determine your rank at the end.

I'll probably stick with what I've got. I like the simplicity of it, I've added a menu, and a little tutorial. Honestly happy with the game. If I give the background a little flair I think it'll be ready.

Great suggestions, appreciate that. For some reason it's so tempting to submit now even though there's so much time left. I'm going to resist and try to keep improving it. 

I'm using assets from a licence free game on GitHub. I haven't created a single piece or art, I've always neglected that skill, which limits my games quite a bit. I'd love to have other fish options but I can't draw them :/

But I do want to make the water seem more like water, rather than a flat background. Thanks for the suggestions, and the pixel art in your game is actually really good, I like it. 

Dialog and scale is really funny.  The walking is unbearably slow. Is there any actual way to escape?

Nice. Retro graphics are on point.

Looks like a nice start, movement looks really smooth.

I've been coding for awhile, not made too many games. The two for the Flappy Jam in my profile, a LONG time ago. A couple side projects that never went far.

For this one I just got started with Love2d.

I agree and feedback is always a good thing.

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Can we post game teasers? Not a playable game but screenshots or videos?

If so, post what you're working on. I'll put a video up if this is allowed.

Here's my project Swimmy Fish:

You can guess from the name what it's based on. Point is to stay alive, eat worms, avoid fishermen and spears. Keep your mood chill and travel as far as possible. Still need to add a menu and balance some things. Feel free to add brutal criticisms, without breaking the rules of course. 

Thank you Kasmilus. The idea was inspired by the game Z-Type. I will be making an update so the IQ resets after death and hopefully a best score system. As well as more math problems and if I can figure it out, NumLock support.

Typing 'flap" only works the first time. Have to reload the game to play. What do you type when it is lower?