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Thanks for your detailed feedback!

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the combat mechanics and found it engaging. We're thrilled that the "to be continued" ending left you wanting more.

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts!

I am happy that you found the game has its unique style. 

It's wonderful to hear that you saw synergies between the runes and had a satisfying experience with the combat mechanics. We talked about being able to make your own builds! But definitely out of the scope for this jam

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!

Thank you for your fantastic feedback! I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the boss fight. 

It's actually the first time I set up a boss fight like this and I wasn't sure how it was gonna come out, how fun and how difficult it'd be so I am happy to hear you liked it!

Thanks for your positive words and support!

Oh I didn't notice the 1/2/3 keys would change the soldiers! I have to play again to see this

Thank you for your detailed feedback!

It is very common issue in jams and these kind of exploring an area games where there is not enough assets or elements to make it feel alive, so  I really appreciate you mentioning that the world doesn't feel empty at all!

Thanks for playing and for your encouraging words!

Thank you for your kind words! It makes me happy you found the musical modes to be a unique touch. 

We would love to make more content around this concept, maybe even a fully fleshed out game! The support of people wanting more of this to play really motivates us to make it

Thank you for the fantastic compliment! We're delighted to hear that our visuals stood out for you :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the visuals and movement

Combos potential was something we thought a lot about when designing the skill sets so it makes me happy you mention it :)

It defintely needs some balancing and more reasons to switch between the modes

Thank you for your comment!

You warm our artists hearts with your kind words <3

Glad you liked the ranged attacks, it definitely needs some more balancing and more reasons to switch between the modes!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the kind words!

I think you're the first to mention AOE on the melee attack and why was it useful! Most people prefered the ranged mode

The dash thing you mention was actually a discussion we had, if it should follow the mouse position or the direction you were walking in! Might have to reconsider that one then!

Thanks for playing :)

So beautiful, great mood, great environment.

Controls were a bit confusing at first, how to properly jump, once I understood how to glide I loved the puzzles.

Great entry!

The switching and jumping felt good, specially when you make a hard jump where you have to switch mid air.

I wish there were some consequences when you get closer to one side or the other, but finding all the creatures and converting them to one side was fun.

Figuring out the way to some creatures was challenging which kept the game interesting

Good entry

The controls feel very good. Dashing through the enemies and the sliding on walls feels good.

Good level design and challenge

Good entry! I enjoyed it

Music is so good,  the levels are interesting and the mechanics for each character are nice.

Loved the models, great entry!

Lovely character, the on and off light goes really well with this kind of platformer.

I liked the details like objects moving when you go through them and the custom death screens.

I couldn't get past the laser part it was a bit too hard for me and wish I could've played more

Great entry, congratulations!

Brilliant stuff. Very atmospheric had a lot of fun playing it!

The intro music really hyped me up, then the visuals and mechanics were on point.

Congratulations on such a great entry! :)

This was... addictive.

Very well done, I wasn't sure at the beginning how the ATM things worked but once I understood how to play it was very enjoyable

Well thought and significant upgrades that is not always the case in this kind of games

Art is excellent, loved the mouse tail animation 

Congratulations! Wonderful entry

Very interesting, lots of minigames! And the models are too cute.

I'd have loved to have something to do in the combat phase, maybe make them focus a specific enemy.

The destroy zones were very unforgiving, my poor meeples :(

Overall, great work, I enjoyed this entry! 

No engine is impressive, so first of all congratulations on that!

Love the graphics and how well everything is put together, very very clean

a few sound effects would definitely improve the feeling of the game

Overall good entry for a solo dev! 

The long transitions on the retry button makes it feel not very responsive. Specially on games where you want to restart quickly for another run

About the modes, honestly the double jump does the trick every time so I saw no use for the rest really but it was fun shooting at stuff and breaking it

The environment setup was cute. I liked the clouds and background parallax :)

Best take on the theme I have seen so far! Congratulations, great entry I enjoyed it :)

Thank you for the kind words :)

The goblins and kobold cards are just amazing

Great take on the theme! Love the designs and jokes on the cards, sometimes I just wanted my card to swap mode to see what was on the other side

Had a lot of fun running around. The scaling went crazy after a while and I couldn't keep up with the amount of enemies so I kept running in circles. 

The upgrades feel good and make a difference, was expecting to have some other soldiers I could spawn or an upgrade that would improve the ones I had

I liked the details like the grass moving when something goes through it :) we did that too on our game!

Great entry I enjoyed it!

Looks great visually, I liked the gun and the goblins. Everything fits well together.

A bit difficult for me, felt like once the goblins are on you there's not much you can do. The floatiness and movement is kinda weird and I kept getting stuck on things, but that's about the only things I can think to critque.

Good entry!

What a cool idea for the theme!
I struggled a bit on the first level but once I understood what I had to do and that I could stack monopoles by shooting quickly I started clearing the levels faster. Is it just my impression or is the positive monopole (red) stronger than the blue one?

Awesome intro btw!

Definitely based myself on Reigns. The idea was to have more options than a yes/no but that ended up being harder than I thought ^^ 

You can go through the journey without warrios, but there are a couple difficult events that can be only solved with warrios. So yeah, you could go without warriors and consume no supplies, risking the chance of finding one of this events, and then it's game over. 

There's a way to get more supplies for the curious players. Try clicking on the floating barrels :P

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yup there's no control whatsover on the events. You could think your resources as the ones you can spare.

There are a couple events that can only be solved with warriors. Not too many, so they might not have popped up in your run and since warriors are hard to find and mantain I didn't want to have too many events that could end your journey.

Nice catch on the 0% definitely a bug, will get it fixed for the next update
Thanks for the feedback!

Not at all, feedback is always welcome!

I agree on relying less on random events,  but couldn't find a way to organize events so they aren't that random while still keeping every journey unique within the jam timeframe. I thought about organizing events by good, neutral and bad and give you those in a certain way so it's satisfying but still challenging. But you know, more stuff to balance and little time to do it ^^

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The barrels do slow down a bit and stop spawning when you're reading but I might have to slow them even more if they are so distracting :P

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Hey! Thanks for the feedback :) Glad you liked the art!

We didn't want tax payment to become an annoying thing you'd have to do evey 60 seconds, or something you'd lose to if you forget to click the pay button. As you said, since the game moves from a clicker to an idle game having a way to pay the taxes automatically whenever you can, seemed appropiate.

The game keeps your money because we were planning on having a save feature (so if you restart the game you could keep playing from where you left it) but we ran out of time for the jam and only saved the cash ^^. So it just gives you a head start for your next game for now

Thanks for playing!

You know something weird is going on when a giant robot claw has to defend nature against humanity :P Controls where challenging but it was fun! Good work