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What a cool idea for the theme!
I struggled a bit on the first level but once I understood what I had to do and that I could stack monopoles by shooting quickly I started clearing the levels faster. Is it just my impression or is the positive monopole (red) stronger than the blue one?

Awesome intro btw!

Definitely based myself on Reigns. The idea was to have more options than a yes/no but that ended up being harder than I thought ^^ 

You can go through the journey without warrios, but there are a couple difficult events that can be only solved with warrios. So yeah, you could go without warriors and consume no supplies, risking the chance of finding one of this events, and then it's game over. 

There's a way to get more supplies for the curious players. Try clicking on the floating barrels :P

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yup there's no control whatsover on the events. You could think your resources as the ones you can spare.

There are a couple events that can only be solved with warriors. Not too many, so they might not have popped up in your run and since warriors are hard to find and mantain I didn't want to have too many events that could end your journey.

Nice catch on the 0% definitely a bug, will get it fixed for the next update
Thanks for the feedback!

Not at all, feedback is always welcome!

I agree on relying less on random events,  but couldn't find a way to organize events so they aren't that random while still keeping every journey unique within the jam timeframe. I thought about organizing events by good, neutral and bad and give you those in a certain way so it's satisfying but still challenging. But you know, more stuff to balance and little time to do it ^^

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The barrels do slow down a bit and stop spawning when you're reading but I might have to slow them even more if they are so distracting :P

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Very well done! Great environment and player movement. The upgrades are meaningful and give you a good feeling of progress. I enjoyed it!

Cute graphics :)

Great work! Nice story and environment. It even has a boss battle! I enjoyed it

The pixel art  and overall presentation of the game is really good. A knockback on enemies would be nice both to enhance feedback on hits and let the player kill big gladiators without being hit.

Loved the art ^^ ! I liked the upgrades, but I crashed after upgrading a few times :(

Hey! Thanks for the feedback :) Glad you liked the art!

We didn't want tax payment to become an annoying thing you'd have to do evey 60 seconds, or something you'd lose to if you forget to click the pay button. As you said, since the game moves from a clicker to an idle game having a way to pay the taxes automatically whenever you can, seemed appropiate.

The game keeps your money because we were planning on having a save feature (so if you restart the game you could keep playing from where you left it) but we ran out of time for the jam and only saved the cash ^^. So it just gives you a head start for your next game for now

Thanks for playing!

You know something weird is going on when a giant robot claw has to defend nature against humanity :P Controls where challenging but it was fun! Good work

Really nice pixel art on the zombies, I also liked the way the coins move towards the turret.

There are some flaws on the slow mechanic (you can spam the key and it recharges enough so you can stop time again with every stroke) but nothing that can't be fixed easily by adding cooldown between uses. 

The mechanic by itself is a good idea, I'd like to see more upgrades and different  enemies, for example ones that throw things at you within a range, so you have to target those first (maybe also hit their projectiles), you know, stuff that makes you think when and what to shoot rather than just shooting everything on the screen! ^^

Overall solid game! Nice work!

Really cool idea! Being able to manage all this with only two keys is quite impressive. Should add a way to go back if you mess a key direction then you have to go through all of it to press cancel (maybe holding left and right at the same time). Also time passed a bit too fast for me, couldn't get to recover from a war and there was another one starting :P, but I guess it's part of the challenge! Great work!

Really nice pixel art! I liked the item variety and the background looks awesome

Nice design. It's a bit frustrating at first because you want to turn around and go pick that green thingy but you can't. After a while you get used to it though. Good work!

This is really good! A cool movement system with two buttons plus the ability to shoot. Core mechanics are on point! Wish it was more focused on the movement part rather than the shooting since it is what I found to be the most interesting.

Maybe having red and blue enemies that can only be defeated by hitting them with the correct colour. 

Good art too, I like the tiny eye character. Overall great work!

Hey thanks for the video! Glad to see people enjoying our game :) There isn't an ending since it was a short jam, but I'd say you basically completed it and probably hold the highscore :P

Nice one! Love management games :D Couldn't get the captain to do something, can he?

Wish they were more actions to manage and things to spend money on, but it's understandable given the time.

Nice one! Didn't even think of blood and vampires when I saw the theme. I liked how the witnesses spread the word once they see you

Good job on this one! Helicopter movement is really well done. Loved that the guys were cheering during a flood :P
A couple suggestions:
Don't place the full float timer on screen, the constant movement of the numbers is annoying to see. To avoid this, you could cast it to an int. You can do this by writing (int) before the value you will show.

Not sure if this was a design decision, but supplies could be pushed by your heli and thrown to the water making them quite hard to pick up. You can constraint rigidbody rotations to avoid them from being toppled over.

Hope they are useful!

Thanks! Glad to  see people enjoying our game :)! The models look was probably our fault with the lightning, the author is actually quite talented and shares a lot of models for free, you can check him out here

Thanks for sharing! Glad you liked it :)

Hey! Glad to hear from you again!

First of all, thanks for the video :)

I agree, we need something to make next runs more fun, and as you said a shop with some kind of currency you earn on the dungeon could do it, we will explore that possibility!

Also since I saw you talking about it on the video, your natural 20 does count as critical, we just forgot to add some visual feedback for it! And for your damage rolls, they are rolled depending on the weapon you've equipped (for example, the rapier you did so well with is 1d10). We didn't want to fill the screen with rolls and try to keep the combat fast and simple. I can understand the confusion though, we might have to think some way to better communicate the damage rolls.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey! We made Behoarder for the Global Game Jam 2019

Behoarder is a casual roguelike with great D&D influence. The player will acquire weapons and skills while discovering the dungeon. Battles are represented in a card format with turns and the core mechanic depends on die rolls (based on D&D rules).

Hope you enjoy!

This is good. Great scope for a gamejam. It's well executed and the theme fits in more than one way. If I had to add something it would be special bones that boost your speed (maybe ones for horizontal and ones for vertical speed)

Hey we just released Puppet Parlor

It's a game about managing a puppets shop. Very impatient customers will burst into your establishment and demand a custom made puppet which you'll have to tailor before they get mad and leave!

Hey thanks for the feedback! 

You can pause the game by pressing the ESC key. 

About dragging, we noticed it is not working as intended on the WebGL build, we're looking into it. For now you can drag with the Right Mouse Button which works fine or download the standalone version available for Windows and MacOS.

We're aware of the size issues and looking on how to make it look better :)

Thanks again, we're hoping to make an update as soon as possible.

Have a good day!

Hey Cyberwolf thanks for the video as always! I appreciate it. It seems you were spending a lot of resources on research by having workers on the main building and falling short on resources to protect the colony. (The more workers you have in the main hub, the more resources they consume, but they also research faster).

Since the game was aimed for mobile and it doesn't have stuff like hovering to show more info we tried to keep the screen simple  and just have references to the current events and which buttons where good to deal with them

So in here you had to open the side gates to allow a new worker in. (The one that came in a ship, you left poor Jimmy out to die :( ). Or active the yellow shields to protect the colony from the worms. For the yellow and pink storm you didn't have to activate any buttons.

It seems you kinda got the hang of it around the end trying to predict the correct forecast and yeah... it's a game about gambling trying your luck with the forecasts.
The leaderboard is rather new, I made an update about a week ago adding it but yeah, It's hard to get your game noticed here. 

Anyways thanks again! Have a good day :)

Thanks for playing! Great video :)

Hey, thanks for all the feedback! I'm aware of the bug and I have already got the fix :) Just waiting for the jam vote to end to upload the new version. I'm also working on better balance.

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Hey guys, just released Above the Sky, it's a small game developed in a week for WeeklyGameJam #40

Above the Sky

Please leave some feedback if you want to see Above the Sky developed further :)

Hey Cyberwolf! Thanks for the video, glad you enjoyed Roadside. We did this game with the objective of doing a worth atmosphere. It was a busy week and we didn't get time to add objectives or more content as we'd have liked to. But at least we got the atmosphere we wanted, the lost feeling, the storm, the rain, the lights.

For a much longer game with a story and a much complete gameplay you should check out my latest game: My first day as a ghost

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My first day as a ghost is a platformer game in which you decide how to play each level. 

You play as Chris, a ghost who's trying to recover his body. Help Chris get it back before dawn!

Please leave us some feedback on whether or not you want to see this game developed further!

Thanks for playing. Have a great time! :)

You are The Handler. The person in charge of supervising the hen's egg production.

It is your duty to fulfill each day's task. 

Prevent them from escaping their coop! Catch the ones that escape! Become the finest Handler by upgrading your facilities!

And remember. Don't get fired!

Hey! Thanks for the video, I really appreciate it! Didn't expect someone to make a video out of it since it was developed in just one week, for the Weekly Game Jam. There's still stuff to improve. If you are interested in more mini-games like this I'm working on one right now that will be ready for next weekend, just follow me here on and you will be notified. Cheers!