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just wrote up my character's profiles and we're already having a lot of fun reading through the text and thinking about how much we love the moon

I'd like to contribute my game Orichalcum to this bundle. Thank you!

caro, this is so kind. thank you. :)

agreed. im not a very competitive person, so i was a bit wary at first, but i found there was just a lot of offering help and feedback. i got more eyes on my game for this jam than the other two jams i joined!

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Agreed, really enjoyed this jam! Been going through submissions at the last minute to give out some ratings to some games that don't have too many. They've given me some ideas for map games I'd like to make in the future!

as someone who sometimes just wants to play by themself or can't get a group together, i appreciate more solo games 😊

i love jams for this very reason! congratulations on getting something out there 😃

that is seriously impressive!

it was a good length of time for me too. gave me enough time to think about a bunch of ideas for the first few days then condense the concept in the latter half of the jam.

the last two jams i did i joined with 2 days left, so i totally empathize with that

one trillion years is one of the games i was most excited to see finished! (i lurked once or twice on the forum during the jam) i love huge stretches of time, so seeing a history to heat death really caught my eye. i hope i get to play it soon, been busy since the jam ended and haven't been able to read any of the submissions 😢

With less than half an hour on the clock, I'm sure everyone who's submitting a game already has or will soon. Good job, everybody!

How are y'all feeling?

I really enjoyed this jam. It was the least hectic one I've participated in, though only because I didn't join it at the last minute. I actually spotted it a few weeks ago, so I got to work right when the jam started! I'm excited to dive into these map games, but it's almost 3 AM where I live, so it's off to bed. Can't wait to see what everyone's cooked up when I get the chance! 😲🗺️

Thanks for your input! :)

I like the idea of rules lite versions being free, especially for bigger games.

This is super helpful and not something I've seen before, thanks!

I think this is probably the right section to post this under.

After seeing discussion about setting prices for our games to bring up the value of all indie games (thanks RPG Design Friends), I priced my two previously PWYW games to a minimum of $2. I also have a way for folks to email me for a free copy, and the screenshots on the pages of both games have them in their entirety. I thought about making the text versions free and the pdfs priced, removing some of the screenshots, etc. but this is what I settled with.

Does this sound sensible? I want to both value my labor (and the value of other indie creations) and make my art accessible to everyone. How do other folks accomplish this?

hey, this is amazing. thank you <3